Swimming Zones Need To Be Respected

Swimming Zone Off Oualie Beach Nevis

Swimming Zone Off Oualie Beach

Charlestown, Nevis
December 02, 2020

The Nevis Premier expressed concern and admonished operators of jet skis and motorized vessels who breach the safety swimming zones on the island.

The Premier was at the time delivering remarks at his monthly press conference in Cabinet Room on November 26, 2020, at Pinney’s Estate, following reports of breaches in the restricted zones.

“We are strongly cautioning those persons to desist from such reckless behavior because all of us must work together to seek to safeguard the safety and security of our Nevis beaches, and so… those of you who are out there who are operating jet skis and other motorized craft, please stay outside the swim zones. You have the whole ocean to play with.

“You need not come inside the swimming zones which are the areas closest to shore. When you do so you endanger people’s lives, and I’m asking and imploring our people to exercise the necessary good sense. What might be fun to you, could prove to be tragic for someone who happens to be in the water at the time when you come along with your jet ski or with your boat. The zones are clearly marked. There is no excuse why individuals would trespass in the no swimming zones. So I’m asking please, our people to be vigilant and to be sensible, and for all beachgoers to jointly condemn such reckless behaviour,” he said.

Mr. Brantley reminded that the Nevis Island Administration continues to invest in the safety and security of beachgoers, since a visitor was struck and killed by a motorized vessel while swimming at Pinney’s Beach in February 2019.

“We have since taken steps to improve safety and security at the beach, so that when our people go they are safe, and those of you who now frequent the beach you would see at the more popular beaches we now have swim zones. We now have lifeguards and we are in process now, of installing lifeguard huts so that our lifeguards can have a better vantage point.

“Those swim zones need to be respected. They are there for the protection of all, and I was very alarmed when we got reports that there have been several complaints of persons using jet skis and other motorized craft in the swim zones at Pinney’s,” he said.

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