Sunshine’s Beach Bar To Re-open

Sunshine's Beach Bar - Nevis

Sunshine’s Beach Bar – Nevis

Pinney’s Beach, Nevis
March 06, 2008

I was watching the Nevis News Cast on Channel 8 last night via the web, and caught an interview with the man himself.   In the interview Sunshine stated that he will be open by Sunday night, even though it may be just a tent.   The location will be to the left of the Pinney’s Peach Road, on the beach.

Sunshine sounded very upbeat in the interview, and thanked all of his customers from around the globe.

Good to see Sunshine fighting back, for what surely has to be the most famous place on Nevis.

Mike  8)

PS here is a link to the interview, don’t know how long it will last for though.

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  1. Glad to see Sunshine’s Beach Bar will be back oprn by the time I arrive in Nevis this April. I sure would miss not having a few Killer Bee rum punches, not to mention his grilled chicken.

    Hope all goes well with the move.


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