St. Kitts, Turtle Beach Bar & Grill Closing

Turtle Beach Bar - St. Kitts

Turtle Beach Bar – St. Kitts

Basseterre, St. Kitts July 28, 2007

KHT Landing Holdings (Kiawah Island, North Carolina) purchased Turtle Beach Bar & Grill on Turtle Beach in St. Kitts.

The restaurant will close on Sunday, July 29th for renovations and repairs and is scheduled to reopen in November 2007. Alas another great place to be destroyed by crass American tourism :(

What a there will be a Mc Donalds drive through and lots of FAT Kittitian children.  Isn’t American democracy wonderful……PUKE

See the full revolting story here

1 thought on “St. Kitts, Turtle Beach Bar & Grill Closing”

  1. When we visited there during the final week, there were rumors among the staff that the owner was going to move the restaurant would move to the neighboring beach (Cockleshell). The staff reported that the owner had been nervous and been smoking his stock of Cuban cigars rather quickly those final days. We did find that during the final days of Turtle Beach, many items on the menu were not available, due to the chefs refusing to cook some items to show their displeasure with the closing. It is a sad thing that it closed, although we did see the staff packing the merchandise in boxes when we were there. My hopes are that if they are packing it up, they will hopefully use it in the future.


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