St. Kitts To Have A Church’s Chicken

Church's Chicken Logo

Church’s Chicken Logo

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
August 20, 2012 (CUOPM)

Church’s Chicken is to open its first outlet in St. Kitts in December 2012 and is inviting applications for cashiers, cooks, supervisors and managers.

It is understood that successful applicants will undergo a two-month period of training in St. Lucia.

During the opening of the first Rituals Sushi at Frigate Bay in March this year, franchise owner Mr. Sabga-Aboud announced he had received permission from Church’s Chicken, the second largest international fried chicken chain of the world, for his company to open a franchise in St. Kitts.

“I convinced the senior vice president to come down and visit St. Kitts. I told them how excited I was about St. Kitts. So he came down here. He spent a day with me going around St. Kitts. We drove around the island. I took him up to some of the historical sites and when he left, he told me “˜my God Mario, I now I see exactly why you are so excited,” said Sabga-Aboud at the opening.

He said then that two stores will be opened in St. Kitts, one this year and one next year.

Mr. Sabga-Aboud’s company has 123 restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago made up of Pizza Boyz, Church’s Chicken, Ritual’s Coffee, Ritual’s Diner, Rock and Roll ““ which is a Chinese Takeout, Doughnut Boyz and VIP Flyers’ Club.

There are 48 Ritual brand locations in Trinidad with 8 at the Trinidad International Airport and 17 Ritual stores spread over 8 islands including Suriname, Guyana – two at the International Airport, Curacao, Barbados and Jamaica.

Pizza Boyz outlets are in Suriname, St. Lucia and Guyana.

The company serves over three million customers a month in 140 stores throughout the Caribbean.

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