St. Kitts – Nevis Youths Encouraged To Vote

Mr. Jonel Powell

Mr. Jonel Powell

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
December 16, 2012

“With the General Elections seemingly drawing near and so many issues at stake, it’s more important than ever for young people to make their voices heard.”

This is the sentiment of  Young Attorney and People’s Action Movement Deputy Chairman Jonel Powell.

“This is when your voice would matter, this is the time that you should engage, this is the time when you can make a difference,” says Powell .  “Don’t let someone else make a choice for you,” he adds.

“Along with voting, young people should get involved with the elections themselves,” Powell advised. “I think politics is a lot more interesting when you’re involved, whether you’re advocating for your party or helping to run polls. “Voting is a privilege, not just an obligation,” the PAM Deputy Chairman added. “You should want to vote”

The 29 year old popular young Attorney encourages eligible citizens who have yet to register to do so now and even during the carnival season.

“I encourage all young people 18 and over who have not yet registered to use the time while in Basseterre during the carnival season on your way to purchasing tickets to the various shows or buying gifts for friends and family just stop in at the registration office on central street next to the development bank,’ said Powell.

The potential People’s Action Movement candidate also indicated that he is willing to assist any young person who wants or is interested in registering.

“Any young person interested in registering and is in need of any assistance in that regard can come to my office Church Street at the Law Offices of Grant, Powell and Associates next to Mackie Hazel Funeral Home,” Powell stated.

“A lot of young people do feel apathetic towards voting,” Powell noted. “But through voting, you can fix the problems and turmoil of our society. It does count. And it does matter.”

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