St. Kitts – Nevis Youth To Explore Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Government Behind Mobile App Development

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
November 17, 2011 (SKNIS)

St. Kitts and Nevis has one of the highest broadband penetration rates in the Caribbean and the local Government continues to design projects to position the youth population to capitalize on the expansion of technology.

Director of Technology Christopher Herbert told SKNIS that his Department is partnering with Congress WBN of Trinidad and Tobago via the BrightPath Foundation, to introduce the iCAN Mobile App Development programme. This programme is designed to teach persons how to create application software (Apps) for technological devices including smart phones and tablet computers. Apps are designed to help users perform specific tasks and can include games, word processing, media players, navigation tools, social media, weather and news and more.

Minister responsible for Technology and Youth Honourable Glenn Phillip invited the group here after witnessing the initiative during a recent visit to Antigua and Barbuda. Mr. Herbert indicated that the programme was attractive for several reasons.

“It’s not just looking at mobile application in a vacuum. The idea is to create mobile applications to meet the needs of the community,” he explained.

In order to adequately identify various issues that affect communities across the twin-island Federation, and create practical solutions to them, the participants will undergo social skill training in leadership, values, ethics, morals and the like.

“So this initiative intends to empower marginalized youth, it intends to address many of the community needs by engaging the persons who live there, and it is providing the industry skills to create applications that can provide the solutions,” Mr. Herbert stressed, noting that many countries share similar experiences which will allow for the apps to be used regionally and internationally.

The workshop will be held in December and is expected to run for four days. It will be held at the National ICT Center.

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