St. Kitts – Nevis Sells Citizenship Rights For Profit

Become a Citizen of St. Kitts Nevis For Cash

Become a Citizen of St. Kitts Nevis For Cash

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
August 16, 2012 (CUOPM)

Managing Director of the St. Christopher Club Group of Companies, Victor Doche, is crediting the group’s US$40 million in the construction of condominium projects and commercial complexes in St. Kitts to the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Mr. Doche, who disclosed that the St. Christopher Club Group of Companies is investing in the St. Christopher Club, Manor International, Scotch Bonnet and Vista Villas said several of the over 70 buyers of the units are also looking seriously for long-term business investments in the hospitality and energy sectors.

“I want to emphasize that the main reason behind our success is certainly due to the continuous support of the St. Kitts and Nevis Government and its Citizenship by Investment program. Over 70 of our buyers are citizenship applicants representing over US$7 million in fees payable to the country’s coffers,” said Doche.

“Several of our foreign buyers, impressed and charmed by our Island are already looking seriously for long-term business investments in the hospitality and energy sectors,” said the company official.

He also said the investment in the construction projects would have been impossible to undertake without the collaboration of local businesses.

“Especially The Bank Of Nevis, CONTEC, B&B excavation, TDC, Builders Paradise, and our local contractors. Mr. Cuthbert Wilkes – electricity and AC; Mr. Charles Clarke, C&C construction, Mr. Curt Williams ““ plumbing; Mr. Rhon Boddie, Architect; Mr. F. Boncamper, Engineering; Mr. Dwight Francis/Surveyor and many, many more dedicated businesses and professionals,” said Mr. Doche.

The US$12 million Manor International project on the hills of Frigate Bay will comprise of 7 buildings with 57 units in all.

The company has purchased the incomplete Horizon structure for nearly US$3 million and renamed the project Vista Villas and is investing US$6 million in this project.

Vista Villas will see the construction of 57 units by the end of 2012. Forty of the 57 units have been sold and to be delivered to the new owners by December 2012.

In partnership with Heritage Plantation, the St. Christopher Club Group agreed to construct a total of 4 buildings with 10 units each at Scotch Bonnet on the South East Peninsula at a cost of US$24 million.

St. Christopher Club, which currently consists of 58 units, is to be expanded on the adjoining 2 acres with a new investment of US$9 million in three buildings consisting of 10 units each in addition to a commercial complex. Construction is to begin in September/October this year and should be completed in 18 months.

The nine-acre beach front St. Christopher Club comprises 4 ““ three story condominium buildings,   two swimming pools, a pool house, a tennis  court and two restaurants –  Ciao, Italian Restaurant and Rock Lobster.

The precast walls of the condominiums are constructed at a US$2 million factory at Bird Rock, St. Kitts, which is fully operated by trained nationals with the intention to eventually export to other Caribbean Islands.

St. Christopher Club Group employs approximately 60 qualified nationals.

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  1. Sell all your land to foreigners, and now give them citizenship too. It will be slavery all over again for you people and you are still too stupid to realize.

    You have been taken to the cleaners and don’t even realize your pants are gone. LOL



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