St. Kitts – Nevis Receives 14,000 Cruise Passengers

Cruise Ships Docked At Port Zante - St. Kitts

Cruise Ships Docked At Port Zante – St. Kitts
Photo By Erasmus Williams

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
January 26, 2009 (CUOPM)

Nearly 14,000 cruise passengers streamed through downtown Basseterre, enjoyed tours around the island and took to the beaches over the weekend as seven ships visited St. Kitts – Nevis on Saturday and Sunday.

The four ships on Saturday and three on Sunday brought a total of 13,944 cruise passengers and 5,565 crew members.

On Saturday 24th the Carnival Victory, arrived from Antigua and docked at Port Zante with 3,093 passengers and 1,047 crew members. The Island Star arrived from St. Lucia with 1,451 passengers and 544 crew members and docked at the Deep Water Port; the Ventura which arrived from Catalina Island, docked at Port Zante with 3,036 passengers and 1,226 crew members and the Azamara Journey, which anchored off shore arrived from St. John’s, United States Virgin Islands with 653 passengers and 400 crew.

The Victory sailed for Puerto Rico, the Azamara Journey went on to Martinique, the Island Star to Antigua and the Ventura to St. Lucia.

On Sunday 25th January, three ships ““ the Emerald Princess arrived from St. Lucia with 3,079 cruise passengers and 1,194 crew members and its sister ship, the Grand Princess arrived from St. Vincent with 2,588 passengers and 1,094 crew members, while the Sea Cloud arrived from St. Barths with 44 passengers and 60 crew members. The Emerald Princess and the Grand Princess went on to St. Thomas, while the Sea Cloud sailed for Antigua.

Scores of taxis and tour buses shuttled the passengers to several of the island’s best beaches including Frigate Bay, South Friars Bay, Turtle beach and Cockle Shell Bay while others went on the  Scenic Railway train; shopping, sun and sea-bathing, hiking, horse-back riding, snorkeling, golfing, kayaking, fishing and sailing.

The Boudicca docked at Port Zante with 831 passengers and 324 crew members on Monday. It arrived from St. Barths and will depart for Antigua.

On Tuesday, the Constellation with 2,450 passengers and the 1,950-passenger Sea Princess will dock, while on Wednesday, Port Zante will be visited by the 2,281-passdemnger Galaxy and the 2,850-passenger Solstice on Wednesday 28th.

The Carnival Miracle with 2,680 passengers docks on Thursday 29th; the Ocean Village with 2,388 passengers comes on Friday 30th and the 3,473-passenger Carnival Victory berths on Saturday 31st.

An estimated 82,000, cruise passengers from 37 calls are expected to visit St. Kitts in January. A similar number is estimated to have visited in December from 40 calls and 51,000 from 22 calls in November.

Over 400,000 passengers are expected during the 2008/2009 cruise ship season.

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