St. Kitts – Nevis Focuses On IT Security

Jaresa Hodge - Treasury Department

Jaresa Hodge – Treasury Department

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
April 04, 2014 (SKNIS)

Civil servants in St. Kitts – Nevis are being sensitized on ways to enhance computer security, safeguard information, protect against fraud, harmful viruses and spyware, as Government seeks to strengthen employees’ cyber abilities.

One hundred workers from the Inland Revenue Department and 40 from the Treasury participated in the series of half-day workshops that ran from March 24 to 27. It was organized by the Department of Information Technology and spearheaded by Eurta Chiverton, systems coordinator of the Telephone Services Management Unit.

“The workshop was aimed at increasing the information security awareness of all the staff at these departments,” Mrs. Chiverton revealed, noting that there are plans to expand the training to incorporate all public sector employees that regularly use computer systems. “As much money as Government invests in firewalls and all of the networking systems, the major part of the security begins with the users.”

The I.T. official noted that while Government systems are not compromised or at risk from any particular threat, it was prudent given the global climate on cyber security, to have measures in place. The sensitive data processed at these departments made the workshop even more important.

“Information is the new gold, that is what is important in this information age,” expressed Mrs. Chiverton.

Accountant Jaresa Hodge at the Treasury told SKNIS that she found the workshop extremely useful.

“We learnt a lot,” Ms. Hodge stated. “In terms of I.T. security, one of the things he [the facilitator] was stressing is that it’s not just workplace security. A lot of the things you can actually take home and he showed us little things that we can do to enhance our personal security.”

The accountant credited the facilitator Grenville Powell of Shokaz Integrated Computing Inc. for keeping the participants engaged and the sessions lively.

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