St. Kitts – Nevis Citizens Urged To Join Crime Fight

Crime Scene Tape

Police Need Public’s Help To Stem Crime

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
January 02, 2010 (CUOPM)

Despite achieving great progress over the years in virtually all aspects of human development and intend to continue on that path, crime and recurring acts of violence among certain segments of the  young population, continue to be a challenge.

“It is clear that this problem is multifaceted and I am certain that many of our innovations in the social sector and in the education system will in the long-term ensure that less and less of our young people drop out of our schools and other social institutions to pursue deviant life styles,” said Dr. Douglas, who pledged to step up activities to deal with the criminality that continues to plague the society and urged all to join in the fight against crime.

Prime Minister Douglas, who is also Minister of National Security, in his New Year’s message on Friday, said several initiatives were taken to grapple with the problem.

“We have stepped up our patrols, we have introduced a gun control unit, we have strengthened our laws that penalise violent crimes, we have introduced close circuit TV as both a deterrent and the means of crime detection, we have exposed  our law officers to advanced training in the use of the latest law enforcement methods and technologies, and we have procured technical assistance from law enforcement agencies in advanced countries to assist the police in the implementation of a crime fighting plan,” pointed out Dr. Douglas, who expressed confidence that these measures will bear great fruit in the short-term. Government he reiterated intends to commit even more resources to the modernisation of the security forces in the upcoming year.

In calling on all members of society to join the fight against crime, Prime Minister Douglas urged families to take their responsibility for the young people under their care.

“I urge our schools to be more vigilant in monitoring our children and initiating action in respect of early signs of deviant behaviour or psychological problems; I urge our church to enhance their outreach activities with a view to bringing more of our young to a recognition of their duty to the Almighty God; and I urge all of our citizens to participate in the crusade against crime by assisting our Law Enforcement Officers and providing timely information to them as they seek to arrest this plague,” said Dr. Douglas.

He said the future will demand from all to resolve to work hard and be productive in the building of a new and better nation.

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