St. Kitts Community Discusses Sports Complex

Island Of St. Kitts Map

Island Of St. Kitts Map

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
August 20, 2008 (SKNIS):

The aesthetics of the St. Peter’s Community will be greatly enhanced with the transformation of the Parray’s Village Playing Field and the construction of the St. Peter’s Community Park.

During an open forum with residents, Parliamentary Representative for the area Honourable Cedric Liburd assured attendees that one of the motivating factors for pursuing the completion of the project is his concern for young people.  He said that the recent surge in crime, in the Caribbean, has forced governments and ordinary citizens to invest in avenues where youth can channel their energies in a positive manner.  The Sporting Complex was described as one such venture.  Minister Liburd said that the sporting facility would be managed by a Sporting Council.

Architectural Technologist Cavelle Brookes explained that there would be a St. Peter’s Community Park located at Douglas’ Estate.  She said that the park would be for leisure and recreational activities and would add to the areas historic importance considering that St. Peter’s is the location of several landmarks including Lawyer Stephen’s Cave and De Poincy’s Chateaux.  According to Ms. Brookes, the first phase consists a single story activity building which will house a museum and a make-shift concessions stand.  Phase 2 will see the construction of a three timber-framed gazebos, while Phase 3 is an amphitheatre, water fountain and monument, complete with landscaping.

Acting Director of Public Works George Gilbert was on hand to explain the role of his department in the Sporting Complex Project which includes the design concept after consultation with local stakeholders as well as a working relationship with contractor Maurice Isaac.

Peter Jenkins in his capacity as President of the Football Association said that already the Parray’s Sporting Complex was being discussed by his sporting organization as being one of the prospective venues for community football matches.  He noted that a representative of the St. Peter’s community would be involved in the planning stage of the league.

Questions raised by the members of the St. Peter’s Community included issues such as the upgrading of the netball court, the enhancement of the field to include cricket and football as well as the extension of the playground to accommodate the Home and Away RAMS Milo Meet Competition for Primary Schools.  Issues such as the removal of the bleachers, improvement of the lighting, facilities for training camps, the fencing of the complex and the possibility of adding markings for tennis and volleyball courts were also discussed.

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