St.Kitts Basketball Mid-Season Update

St. Kitts Amateur Basketball Association

St. Pauls and Blue Devils Bouncing Along

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
August 22, 2010

The LIME SKABA League has just passed it’s mid-season point and the association has released the points standings. Leading the way in the SKABA Premier division is the St.Pauls Tuff Knots who at the time of the released standings have lost just one game for the entire season. The Tuff Knots have benefitted significantly from the return of Nashorn “Big Nash” Maynard who has played exceptionally well since his return from Alaska where he plays college basketball with the University of Alaska Nanooks. Nash is one of the league’s top scorers and rebounders and is easily one of the league’s elite players. The Tuff Knots also feature Javid Williams and Noren Maynard both of whom have recently earned themselves scholarships to US Colleges.

Close on the heels of the Tuff Knots are the Joseph Parry sponsored Cotton Ground Rebels who have lost just 2 games for the season. The rebels are enjoying their best season since being promoted to the Premier division in 2006. Defending Champions Horsfords Ghetto Roots are holding on to the 3rd position having lost 3 games . 2 games to the two top teams and a surprise loss to the last placed Ghaut Bucs. Ghetto Roots has improved defensively but the team is still trying to adjust to the inclusion of former national players Kiethley Hicks and Lyle “Dixie” Duggins. The team might suffer a bit with the possible loss of Rymal “Bally” Browne who is expected to be leaving shortly for the US on a scholarship as well as Levi “ByBy” Fyfeild who may maybe out for the season with a knee injury.  Rams Hitters are in the 4th spot with 4 losses for the season. The Hitters are no longer the giants of SKABA but they are still one of the most dangerous teams in the league. Although they have lost 4 games already for the season no team in the league will want to face them in the first round of the playoffs. The team has suffered from the 2 year suspension of guard Ansel Revan . The Hitters still relies heavily on SKABA Legend Trevor Marty Huggins who has been playing basketball in SKABA for more years than at least half the players in the league has been alive. In other words Marty has been playing SKABA basketball before half the players in the league were born. Despite his age Marty remains the league’s best shooter and one of the most potent scorers. Hitters success has been weighed heavily on the shoulders of the veterans Marty along with Shawn “Shabba” Forbes who remains one of the league’s top forwards.

2006 champions Fig Tree are holding on to the 5th spot. The team boasts college stand-out Kemo “Shasta” Duncan and prolific scoring forward Delvin Warner and despite the potency of the two the team has been unable to beat any of the top 4 teams with any sort of consistency.

The Cayon Lions are as usual the ultimate under-acheivers in SKABA. The team boasts a plethora of young talented players including Dave Zenga Pondt, Giron Browne and the talented veteran player, captain,coach and sponsor Tyrone “Ty” Olooughlin. However despite the tremendous talent the team has never been able to be real contenders. They have had a history of beating the big teams and losing to the so called small teams. Their inconsistency baffles the brains of the most ardent basketball pundit. They are currently 7th in the SKABA standings.

The other 2 places in the standings are the Shawn K. Richards Sandy Point Chappurtin and the newly promoted Ghaut Bucs. Bucs had a huge upset victory over the Ghetto Roots early in the season but have been unable to return to win a game since. The Chappurtin have been plagued by player discipline and as a result the team has been seriously hampered as key players including Javal Hodge and Sheno Liddie have served at least 4 games on suspension at various times during the season.

Leading the way in the “A” division is the Blue Devils along with the Horsfords Rootsie and the Tickers.  The Blue Devils and Tickers has suffered just 2 losses while the Rootsie has suffered 3 losses. However the Rootsie has defeated Tickers in their only encounter for the season. Rounding up the top 5 in the division are the Rockers X1 who returned to the league after a number of years absence while the Quakers are holding on to the 5th place position.

The Lady Blue Devils have been dominating the Female division having won all of their games for the season thus far. Former champions Cayon Lionesses are in 2nd position while the Horsford’s Lady Roots are in 3rd.

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