Premier Parry Enlightens People Of Nevis

Charlestown, Nevis
December 3, 2007

Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry addressed the people of Nevis on Choice FM’s very popular Thursday night talk show, “Tell Me” hosted by Mr. Hastings Daniel and Ms. Pat Claxton.

Mr. Parry opened the program by stating that he was very grateful that Nevis was spared during the 2007 Hurricane season. He also said Nevisians need to thank God for not receiving any damage during that afternoon’s earthquake like tremors. “Let us give up a prayer to God for sparing our lives. The hand of God was at work as we have been brought safely through once again.”

The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) has been working extremely hard in an effort to develop many projects and areas on the island of Nevis. For that reason some people perceive the cabinet as being distant.  “We have had to spend so much time working on improving and developing the island, that I have now had to request my ministers, to stay more in touch with the people of Nevis on a personal level.” said Mr. Parry.

Since gaining the office of the NIA, The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) has identified many programs and projects that would benefit the people of Nevis in the areas of, Education and Social Transformation. The NIA has sent numerous people abroad for University education with government assistance. ” I do believe in the next 3-4 years people who have been educated in a variety of fields, including management, education, accounting, law, building technology, architecture, mathematics and science will be returning home . We also want to state that no one is left out of gaining training and education, according to their abilities. People who feel they are not “A” stream students, will receive training in other areas such as plumbing, carpentry, masonry, air condition and other skills. Deputy Premier, Hon. Hensley Daniel has recently identified and made arrangements with a school in Trinidad to assist with practical business training and techniques”, said Mr. Parry.

Other helpful programs coming out of the ministry, are the primary school lunch programs, the text”“book program for primary and high school students and the homework assistance program, which by many persons standard has been recognised as a remarkable program executed by Hon. Hensley Daniel.

The Organisation of American States (OAS) will be subsidising the homework assistance program, which is being viewed as a major poverty alleviation tool. This is with the understanding that all children across the board will have the opportunity to receive extra learning/tutoring at no extra cost.

“It is not about bigging up anyone… Mr.Daniel, Mr. Carlisle Powell, Mr. Robelto Hector or Mr. Dwight Cozier. It is about bigging up you the people of Nevis. Regardless of what you think of the party, we want all people to make use of what we are offering the people of Nevis. This government’s main objective is to assist all the people of Nevis,” said Mr. Parry.

As Mr. Parry addressed infrastructure, He pointed out that in the last 15-16 months Phase III of the island main road from St. James Anglican Church to Market shop, Gingerland via Zion experienced a wonderful transformation.” In terms of development one can see the quality and speedy delivery of the island main road being done by the Surrey Paving company under the guidance of the Nevis Island Administration.”

The parish of St. Thomas has also received development as Jessup’s, Barnes Ghaut and Cotton Ground are enjoying a new and improved road network, which makes those villages more attractive and easier to travel through.

Water and electricity are two important factors in any country and the NRP led NIA has decided to upgrade these aspects of the island,  “We will purchase two generators, one early next year and then one later on the following year. In terms of water the government has realised that last year, Nevis experienced a terrible drought and as a result the NIA has negotiated with a company named BEAD to drill for water on the island. Recently, water has been drilled for at Hamilton and water has been found. There are ten sites on Nevis that have been identified and will be looked at for future drilling.”

Tourism has been booming in Nevis, as property’s in Nevis such as the Oualie Beach Resort, Nisbetts Plantation Inn, The Four Seasons Resort and Mt. Nevis has recently experienced one hundred percent or near occupancy. In addition The Inn at Cades Bay will be getting a face lift to resemble condominiums and the Starwood “W” hotel will continue to have meetings with the NIA to discuss a way forward that would be beneficial for all parties involved.

The recent land acquisition position was also discussed, which will be following in a separate press release.

At the closing of the program, Premier Parry was asked by host Hastings Daniel, “What does 2008 look like to you?”  Premier Parry paused, smiled and said, “2008 looks great!”

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