Premier Parry Addresses Nevis’ Teaching Fraternity

Nevis Teachers Attend Back To School Ceremony

Nevis Teachers Attend Back To School Ceremony

Charlestown, Nevis
September 02, 2009

To herald in the new school term, Premier and Minister of Education in Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry delivered a rousing presentation about the importance of new local teacher recruits admitted to the Teaching fraternity. The Premier was featured at the Department of Education’s Back to School opening ceremony on Monday, August 31st at the Nevis Cultural Centre in Charlestown.

“I am so pleased to see the number of new, young, local persons who have taken the challenging position of teaching. Although at times teaching can be difficult, it is very rewarding,” remarked the Premier.

The Minister of Education also expressed his position that educating the young people of Nevis is very important for growth and development of the country and one’s financial status. Mr. Parry also noted that last year he was very stern on the teachers to work harder with the children. He said he believes that he made the teachers uncomfortable during the last back to school ceremony and that the feeling could have contributed to the excellent test scores exhibited by the students this year.

This year the back to school exercise was held under the theme,”Teach it, Live it!”

During the ceremony, newly appointed Principal Education Officer, Mrs. Lornette Queeley Connor welcomed the gathering to the annual back to school opening ceremony and congratulated the teachers on the outstanding CXC results.

Mrs. Connor, who has already been lauded by many for her great organizational and communication skills, told the teachers,”look at your proud accomplishments and set new, bolder goals for this new school term.” She called on the teachers to execute creative ways to reach each and every child; and to help them grasp their full potential, no matter what challenges are put forth.

Over 300 teachers and care-givers from Pre-school, Primary and Secondary schools across the island took part in the exercise. Education officer, Ms. Andrea Bussue chaired the function while Antiguan Educator, Ronald Greenaway, gave the keynote address.

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