Premier Parry Addresses Nation On Choice FM Radio

Charlestown, Nevis

Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry visited Choice FM’s popular radio program, Tell Me, to report to Nevisians on the island and abroad, about the accomplishments of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) led Nevis Island Administration (NIA).

Mr. Parry indicated that he was eager to touch on a number of issues that are interesting and current.  “I did promise to report to the people quarterly and I have been doing that on VON, NNC and in the various newspapers,” he said.

Premier Parry commenced his report on the subject of the water situation on the island.  He noted that last year the island had a water shortage around June, July and there were several discussions as to why there was a water shortage. He also indicated that this year, we are in a better position to provide more water to the island of Nevis. The Premier reminded radio listeners that we have been fortunate to have received some rain in November, December, January and February and although March was a bit dry, we did get a good bit of rain.

“We have to be aware that more and more water is consumed on the island and the government must do something about it,” declared the Premier. “We have engaged in a company called B.E.A.D to provide us with a new technology using wells and I am pleased to inform the people of Nevis that they have found two very good wells. One is in Barnes Ghaut which provides about one hundred and twenty gallons a minute. There was also one found in Maddens which provided so much water that the measuring tool that they had, could not handle the count!”

On the Geothermal issue, Premier Parry made it known that the NIA has never gone outside of Nevis to inform anyone about the geothermal project on the island.

“Yes, we (NIA) have participated in seminars in North America and Barbados and we have had visitors from the United States Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Saba and some interest is being shown by our sister island of St.Kitts for the possibilities of geothermal energy,” Premier Parry pointed out.  He continued by indicating that they have sought the assistance of a company to do exploration, which they are doing at their own expense.  “At the point of production we will work out a contract where we will buy electricity from them,” he said.

Presently the company has identified an area in the Springhill area, close to the Nevis egg farm. So far fifteen hundred feet has been reached and they are experiencing temperatures of three hundred degrees Fahrenheit; and the company is happy with what they encountered at this point.

There are five areas in Nevis, which also have been identified for exploration and they will be moving to another area in upper Jessups and within the next two or three weeks they will be there.

“I am very happy about what is taking place and I do hope they will have every success because it would mean many benefits for the people of Nevis and a steady supply of electricity for the island.  The revenue of the island will be greatly enhanced and employment for our residents will be increased.”

In light of the Nevis geothermal venture invitations have come from Iceland and Costa Rica to observe their geothermal sites.

Last week, two visiting teams visited Nevis to give the NIA advice on geothermal technical assistance in terms of drafting contracts and legislature. The teams were representing the Organisation of American States (OAS) and the United Nations (UN).

On roads, Premier Parry declared that the St.Thomas area and the island main roads are finished. “We are active in St. Paul’s and ground breaking will take place in mid April for St. John’s.  The Clay Ghaut, Beaumont, Cox and Cole Hill areas will be covered.”

Housing is presently all over the island, in St. James, St. John’s, Gingerland and also in St. Thomas. “I must say that on Friday, April 4th a gazebo in Cotton Ground will be constructed.  A young man named Malvone Jeffers of Cotton Ground is the contractor.”

Premier Parry also took the opportunity to inform listeners that an agreement was signed by himself and CEO and founder Mr. Alec Siani of 21st Century Telecoms who has agreed to set up a corporate headquarters for a Caribbean telecommunications company here in Nevis.  21st Century Telecom will be setting up offices in the Eastern Caribbean and Barbados.

“Some 200-250 persons over a period of 2-3 years in Nevis will have the opportunity to receive employment with this company. I want to make this statement that we talk about tourism all the time; but if we really want people in high”“end jobs sometimes we have to get beyond tourism. For that reason we are providing employment opportunities with geothermal and the telecommunication company.”

After Premier Parry’s briefing on the activities of the NIA, callers were welcomed to phone in and ask questions.

In response to one caller’s question about the plans being put in place for upgrading Cruise Tourism, Premier Parry indicated that officers from the Ministry of Tourism have been meeting with Cruise Personnel, participating in Cruise shows and conventions and the NIA have been working on getting a small ferry that would travel from the cruise ship to the Charlestown Pier. “There are a number of issues that we are working on in the development of high-end Cruise Tourism in Nevis,” he said.

Another caller phoned in to query the Tower Hill land situation and to seek answers as to why there was no duties paid to the Nevis Treasury on the land transaction?

To that question Mr. Parry responded, “What is important here is that we need to send a strong message to people who do business here, especially legal firms, they need to operate properly and they need to operate in the best interest of Nevis! Your country should be important to you. One should not assist his/her clients to find ways and means to deprive the treasury!”

The hour-long session with the Premier provided a wealth of information and served to enlighten Nevisians at home and abroad on the successes achieved and the challenges faced as the island moves forward with the NRP led Nevis Island Government.

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