Premier Calls For Change In Attitude Towards Nevis Police

Nevis Premier - Joseph Parry

Nevis Premier – Joseph Parry

Charlestown, Nevis
February 19, 2011

Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry called for change in attitude towards the Police Force.  He made the statement during the Police Constables Appreciation Awards 2011 Ceremony at the Old Manor Hotel on Saturday.

“Sometimes in our small communities we have an attitude with the Police and we only remember them when faced with problems. I often wonder how they can perform under the pressure,” commented the Premier.

Mr. Parry said if the Police were treated so badly how could they perform to the best of their ability? He suggested that the public should see the police officer as a friend, who could help with challenges and problems.

“The community needs to assist the police, reach out to them, welcome them and give support to the police when needed,” said the Premier.

According to him, it was important for people to volunteer information and assist the police to solve crime.  He said it was important to give assistance in every way possible.

Meantime, the Premier also spoke to the issue of political interference. He said that accusations had been made in that regard especially with an election near but made it clear that the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP)-led Administration had not interfered with the Police and only sought to give full support to the Police men and women.

The Premier also spoke to the matter of crime and called for an atmosphere of maturity and truth. He said he had difficulty understanding how labeling Nevis as a place with high levels of crime could help any political party or any individual on Nevis.

“Yes, we have spurts of crime on the island but how can some go on the radio each week and pretend that the sky has fallen in,” said the Premier.

“I want the politicians especially, to understand that if they excite the expatriate community and those overseas, that at the end of the campaign regardless of who wins, the problem remains and may get greater because the expatriates may leave and those from overseas may not come. So, therefore a call for maturity, decency and truth is needed,” concluded the Premier.

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