Pianos Play Key Role At Tyrell Williams Primary School

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis (April 19, 2007)

The piano and its soothing melodies will help to act as a socialization and developmental tool at the Tyrell Williams Primary School in Old Road.

The school received a donation of 10 folding pianos with accessories and 20 piano books from the Bushell family expatriates living in New York, U.S.A. The Bushells and extended relatives from the Williams and Taylor families have a history of giving back to their homeland. In 2003, they donated a digital camera to the Ministry of Culture for use in its quest to document important cultural events and heritage sites on St. Kitts. They also donated a folding roller piano and related music materials as well as a mathematics text book to the Old Road community last year.

Coreen Small of the Ministry of Social and Community Development explained that her ministry received the gifts on behalf of the Old Road community and decided that they would best serve the local primary school because of the many associated positives.“Music helps with the development of speech, singing and teaches children how language is constructed,” she stated, adding that mathematical skills are also acquired. “Music also enhances social skills and children who take part in music learn to work in teams, learn to get along with each other and gain a fuller understanding of themselves and “¦ strengthen their overall development,” Ms. Small explained.

Already the pianos are being put to good use. A piano class was created to expand the institutions music programme which boasts a choir. Nigel Williams, Music Specialist in the Department of Culture tutors 10 students.

He praised the level of interest shown by the students and their quick understanding of piano playing techniques. Williams described their progression as tremendous after just one session held last week. The Music Specialist noted that the pianos are made of rubber which folds and allows for easy transportation. The flexible nature also makes them capable of withstanding minor accidents.

Principal Terrence Edwards expressed gratitude for the donations and noted how enthusiastic and eager the students are to learn piano playing.

Parliamentary Representative for the area Hon. Rupert Herbert praised the Bushell family for their generous spirit and continued contributions towards the development of the community.

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