PETA Continues To Protest Against St Kitts Vet School

Ross University -St. Kitts

PETA Protests Ross University – St. Kitts

June 6, 2008
Denver, Colorado

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) continues to protest outside of Ross University’s student recruitment seminars against the school over unnecessarily invasive and deadly veterinary training procedures on animals at the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St Kitts.
PETA demonstration at Ross University in Denver, USA
At a weekend protest in Denver, an activist wearing a sheep costume held a sign that read, “Ross University: Don’t Cut Me Up”.

Other protesters handed out leaflets explaining that students who attend Ross’ veterinary school will be required to cut tissue off sheep — who were shown in current students’ photographs to be suffering from infected wounds because skin flaps were improperly sutured.

Even though other veterinary schools have switched to computer-assisted training, simulators, and other humane teaching methods, refusal to mutilate and kill animals at Ross results in a failing grade.

“Ross’ veterinary school is American-owned and heavily recruits US students without telling them upfront that they’ll be forced to mutilate and kill healthy animals,” says PETA Laboratory Investigations Director Kathy Guillermo. “We’re urging students not to attend Ross’ veterinary school until these abuses are ended.”

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