PAM MP Calls For Investigation Into Olympics Scandals

PAM PM - Shawn Richards

People’s Action Movement PM – Shawn Richards

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
August 09, 2012

Today, PAM MP Shawn Richards called for the appointment of an independent commission to investigate exactly what occurred at the 2012 London Olympics.

“First, the people of St. Kitts & Nevis were asked to pay for a lavish trip by Prime Minister Douglas and his friends to London for the Olympics,” noted MP Richards. “How many tens of thousands of dollars of our money was spent giving Denzil Douglas and his friends this lifestyle of the rich and famous experience at the Olympics? It’s our money and we deserve to know.”

“Back home, Kittitians and Nevisians are suffering from this economic crisis caused by Denzil Douglas’ reckless and irresponsible spending. Now, he’s doing it again. He’s spending money we don’t have to give himself and his friends a five star vacation! That’s ridiculous. The people of this Federation deserve to know exactly how much we paid for our Prime Minister and his friends two weeks of wining and dining during the Olympic Games.”

Mr. Richards went on to address the SKN Olympic team scandals. “We have heard from both the SKNOC and Kim Collins and there seems to be  more questions that deserve to be answered related to the Olympic Team scandals. My good people – Kim Collins is a national hero. A world and commonwealth champion, a 4 time Olympian set to compete in a history making 5th and probably final Olympic Games where he would’ve been the first male Olympic sprinter to participate in 5 straight Olympics and he was denied the ability to compete and make history! PAM made the country’s first major commitment to the Olympics with the $1 million Mission Atlanta which came about as a result of the tremendous talent the then Prime Minister Dr Rt Hon Sir Kennedy Simmonds saw in a young Kim Collins after record breaking performances throughout the region.”

Richards continued “He is a national hero as well as the world’s  most popular and beloved Kittitian and has serviced the country as a well known ambassador with distinction and had the chance to bring back medals for our country and make international Olympic history. He has brought tremendous pride and joy to the hearts of every national of this federation.  We deserve to know exactly what happened. Was there any interference from any outside entity? Why did the Prime Minister not intervene and serve as a mediator of sort between Collins and the SKNOC ,who seemed to be on different pages, to ensure this national hero competes? Was the Prime Minister’s presence in London a factor in Kim’s inability to compete?

What influence did the Prime Minister have on the decision of the SKNOC? Was the team’s no-show at the Prime Minister’s Gala event at the High Commission and Kim’s absence from a luncheon with the Prime Minister just a contributing factor or the main factor in Kim not being able to compete? Do you think that the United States would have banned Kobe Bryant, Lebron James or Kevin Durant,  from competing if they had committed a similar infraction to what Kim is accused? Does anyone doubt for a second that Jamaica would’ve allowed Bolt and Blake to participate in these Olympic if they had committed a similar infraction or indiscretion?  There is more to this story and we need an independent investigation to find out exactly what happened. The people deserve to know!”

In relation to the Tameka Williams expulsion Richards had this to say, “With regards to the young and obviously talented Tameka Williams I am calling for her matter to be thoroughly investigated.  We  need to know who gave her the substance? Who administered the substance? Who introduced her to the substance? We need to further ensure that Tameka gets all the support necessary for her to successfully continue her career which is no doubt brimmed with potential.”

Richards continued , ” Again many questions deserve to be and must be answered and I am firmly of the view that an Independent Commission is the absolute only way that we as citizens of this country can feel any sort of solace with regards to this very embarrassing and troubling issue. I am further suggesting that a retired or current judge from within the region be commissioned. Thus is the tremendous importance and seriousness of  investigating and getting to the bottom of exactly what was the genesis of this embarrassing situation”

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