PAM Leader Claims Elections Are Not Over

People's Action Movement Leader - Lindsay Grant

People’s Action Movement Leader – Lindsay Grant

Basseterre,St.Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
February 22nd 2010

In a massive show of support and solidarity a huge crowd of supporters turned out to Maynard’s Park, Cayon to the first official post elections Public Meeting of the People’s Action Movement. The atmosphere was one of excitement, and defiance as speaker after speaker spoke to the Jan 25th election day travesty that took place in St.Kitts ,particularly in Constituency #4 as well as Constituencies 1 and 2.

“The elections are not over!” said People’s Action Movement Leader Lindsay Grant. “The fraudulent elections and the gross injustice that took place on Jan 25th will not go unanswered and unpunished. The people must get the representatives and the government they deserve and I will fight tooth and nail to ensure that democracy, justice and the rights and will of the people will and must prevail,” Grant continued.

According to a report submitted by the NGO coalition the elections were rife with irregularities including alleged incidents of voter fraud and intimidation orchestrated by the Labour party. It is reported that Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas facilitated and conducted such with the assistance of the security forces , particularly the defense force and other agents. The report clearly states and outlines an incident which was observed by members of the NGO coalition observer team where the Prime Minister “berated” the Defense force personnel for not transporting voters from Constituency #6 to Constituency #4 in an expeditious manner.
“What happened on January 25th was not an accident. It was not the result of random circumstance,” said the Harvard-Trained Lawyer Grant. “The hundreds of infractions of the law ““ crimes ““ that occurred were deliberately orchestrated in order to manufacture the desired result and I and the party which I am proud to continue to lead will fight for the right of every resident of this country to get the government that they deserve and voted for,” Grant continued.

Political Analysts have declared that those who reside  and live in St.Kitts day to day voted overwhelmingly for Change. However the almost 3000  overseas voters who were flown in on charters  bought and paid for by the Labour party, as well as the scores of wealthy foreign merchants who are even now slowly taking  over the business landscape tipped the electoral scales in favour of Labour.  The widespread fraud and gross elections irregularities thwarted the will of the Kittitian people who desire Change as the only way forward for the betterment of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The election petition challenging the results of Constitunecy#4 were officially served on Monday February 15th  thus consolidating the fact that the movement for true democracy, equal rights and justice has only just begun.

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