Oualie Beach Resort Employees Recieve Flu Jab

Dr. Liburd Administers Vaccine Shot To GM Faith Bertie

Dr. Liburd Gives Vaccine Shot To GM Faith Bertie

Oualie Beach Resort Hotel
Oualie Bay, Nevis, West Indies
November 26, 2009

This year the pro-active Board of the Lyn Jeffers School, Craddock Road, Nevis, has teamed up with Dr. Glenville Liburd of Ramsbury, Charlestown, Nevis, to offer the seasonal flu vaccine to its students and other members of the community.

“Each year, many students and faculty are forced to spend days out of school owing to sickness with influenza.” says Principal of the Lyn Jeffers School, Keith Glasgow.

“It is the intention of the school to raise awareness in the community of the benefits of seasonal vaccinations against influenza. We teach our students that the first line of defense is good hygiene, with frequent hand washing and covering the nose and mouth when sneezing. However, a brave band of students of various ages were persuaded by their parents to take the extra precaution of vaccination this year.”

“Another pro-active institution that obviously cares for its staff is the Oualie Beach Resort,” states Dr. Glenville Liburd. “Oualie offered to vaccinate all of its staff against the Flu this year and I was able to administer the vaccine to 30 of their resort staff. Hopefully the other 25 will take the annual vaccination next year!”

Newly appointed General Manger of Oualie Beach Resort, Mrs. Faith Bertie, was one of the first to brave the injection. “It is not painful and hopefully will help provide our staff with some protection from the flu that many tourists accidentally bring down to the Caribbean every winter.”

Dr. Liburd commented that, “This vaccine is NOT the new vaccine against H1N1 (Swine Flu), however, it does contain some aspects of the 2007 H1N1-like strain, and therefore may offer some degree of protection.”

Persons interested in obtaining the flu shot should contact Dr. Liburd at 469-0521.

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