No VAT On Food In St. Kitts – Nevis Says PAM Leader

PAM Leader - Mr. Lindsay Grant

PAM Leader – Mr. Lindsay Grant

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
April 23, 2012
People’s Action Movement

“People in this country are hurting, and a PAM Administration will implement policies that will begin to ease the burden on our citizens. Food represents a basic need, and our administration will begin by removing VAT from all food items.”

So says the People’s Action Movement political leader Mr. Lindsay Grant. Mr Grant was a guest on last Thursday’s debut of PAM’s new weekly radio program, “The People’s Forum” airing on WINNFM.

The announcement of this particular policy alternative is in keeping with the stated objective of the program, as one that will give listeners the opportunity to come face to face on a regular and sustained basis with the country’s future leaders as they layout and discuss the PAM’s positions and alternative solutions on various policy issues.

The removal of VAT from food was just one of several policy alternatives presented to listeners to Thursday’s show. Mr. Grant went on to outline several other policy positions, including PAM’s intention to introduce in parliament, “Integrity Public Life”, and “Freedom Of Information” legislation, all within the first hundred days of a new administration.

The public interaction segment of the show saw Mr. Grant taking calls from the audience, and dealing head-on and forthright with issues ranging from , the conduct of the 2010 election, youth employment, transparency in government, to electoral reform.

If last Thursday’s debut of the People’s Forum was any indication the citizens of the Federation at home and abroad, are in for a show with a difference, one that will allow not only for the venting of views on the burning issues , but ultimately provides workable, and fresh approaches to government and governing that puts people first.

The “Peoples Forum” continues next Thursday at 8:00 pm on WINNFM, when the guests will include; party Chairman, Selwyn “Rusty” Liburd, and Parliamentarian and party deputy leader, Hon. Eugene Hamilton.

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