No Load Shedding Necessary For St. Kitts

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
August 03, 2010 (CUOPM)

No need for load shedding. That’s the assessment following inspection on the G4 set by engineers at the Needsmust Power Station on St. Kitts.

“The heads were removed from the G1 generator and the engine and valves were inspected by the engineers. Based on this inspection, it was concluded that the generator can run for another four (4) weeks with little risk of a catastrophic failure,” Acting General Manager of the Electricity Department, Mr. Bertil Browne.

He said as a result of the assessment it was therefore decided to postpone the overhaul of this engine until the G1 generator is returned to service in four (4) weeks time.

“There will therefore be no need for load shedding,” Mr. Browne told the Communications Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister (CUOPM).

He stated that it should be kept in mind, however, that the power station’s available capacity is just slightly greater that the island’s peak demand.

“Therefore, it may become necessary to load shed for short periods of time if any of the generators experience a maintenance issue,” said Browne.

Last week, the Department advised general overhaul of the G4 set was overdue and if inspection indicated a scheduled load shedding programme would have had to be introduced from Wednesday.

The Department has a shortage of capacity as a result of fire damage to the largest engine in 2008 that had a capacity of 7.6MW.

Additionally, the two Caterpillars purchased between 1989 and 1995 had to be removed from service due to their long history of failures and problems, poor fuel efficiency and extreme unreliability.

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