New Saint Kitts – Nevis Internet Radio Station

I have been checking these guys out lately, looks promising!  I like the “local” feel to the site and topics covered.  Give them a try, nice to hear some “roots” style music showcasing local musicians.  Here is what they have to say.

“Hello All, just a “quick” note to let you know whats on the menu for
this weeks episode of The Saturday Morning Hype.
This week we’ll be discussing The Soca/Calypso Dance, Party and Club
Vibe: How and Why It Has Changed; Is it Better or Worse Than It One Was?

Our special guest host will be Dun De Place.

The show is also simulcast via on the web at

The Saturday Morning Hype is a weekly radio show aired in New York.
Hosted by Cory “Masablue” Tyson, Adeola “Addie” Amory-Spencer and
Junior “Ruben” Liburd, the Saturday Morning Hype (SMH) blends
Caribbean music with feisty talk and discussions. Regional,
entertainment and sports news are also tossed into this mix, making
the “SMH” a total “one stop” show. A wide medley of weekly topics are
discussed and special guests and co-hosts are frequent; it would not
be uncommon to hear your favorite soca or reggae artist being part of
the show. The SMH boasts a sense of spontaneity and a vibe of always
being fresh, making it very appealing to fans of all ages”.

Give them a try!

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