New Nevis Government Shows Maturity Says Nevis Premier

Charlestown Nevis (March 11, 2007)
Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry said that the Nevis Island Administration [NIA] has demonstrated its maturity as a government, which was evident through its recent negotiating achievement with two major institutions.

“Our representation is for all the people of Nevis and we are proud of this and every Nevisian must know what we have achieved in two short weeks with two institutions.  What we have achieved in eight months to demonstrate that we are mature government, that we represent the people and we can negotiate at all levels in the interest of the people of Nevis and that we are successful in doing it as well”, Premier Parry said.

During a recent interview with the Department of Information, the Premier made reference to the successful re-negotiations with the Newfound group developers and the re-establishment of the Public Utilities Commission that effected a suspension of the increased rates for Caribbean Cable Television subscribers on the island.Caribbean Cable Television Nevis Ltd hiked their rates from March 1st 2007 without prior approval from the NIA.  In an effort to address the situation, Premier Parry announced the re-introduction of the PUC.

According to Mr. Parry the company had introduced increased rates a few years ago, but no commission was put in place by the previous CCM government.  However, then Premier, Hon. Vance Amory made a statement that he would not pay the increased rates and failed to represent the people of Nevis who continued to pay.

Regarding the negotiations with on the Newfound group agreement of the 600 acres of land, Mr. Parry said that his Nevis Reformation Party stated during its election campaign that that deal would not stand and once they had the opportunity to form the government, it would work to reverse the deal and have been successful in doing this.  He added that this draws a line and its makes a difference between the NRP and the CCM.

He said that the maturity of the new administration had so far benefited all the people of Nevis because they deserved to be represented in all areas.

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