New Flats Playing Field Is Important To Social Development

Minister Daniel At New Playfiled Site

Minister Daniel At New Playfield Site

Charlestown, Nevis
August 05, 2009

Construction work has commenced on a new playfield for the St. John’s Primary School and surrounding communities at The Flats, Cole Hill. Social Development and Sports Minister on Nevis Hon. Hensley Daniel described the project as an important component to social development in the area.

During a recent site visit, Mr. Daniel told the Department of Information that the Nevis Island Administration had recognised the need for a proper playing field since neither the school nor the community never had that type of facility before.

“All of us who live in this area, who know this community well, know that the gradient here is quite steep and it has made it very, very difficult to play sports over the years.

“We recognise that we now have to put a proper playing field to accommodate the students who play cricket, football and of course for track and field. The students of the St. Johns Primary School have been at a huge disadvantage over the years as it relates to the availability of a proper playing field,” he said.

When completed the new facility will provide a 400 meter athletic track and also make provisions for cricket and football.

Mr. Daniel urged the wider community of Cole Hill, Brown Pasture, Burden Pasture, Cox, Beach Road and Pond Hill to utilise the facility.

He said the residents should realise that the NIA was serious about the advancement of the island’s people.

“When we say we are going to do things we actually do them. I think the people of this area, Cole Hill in particular would be quite amazed that we have been able to grade the flats and provide a proper playing field.

“It is my hope and trust that as the representative for St. Johns in the Nevis Island Assembly, that the people will see this as one more step on the way towards ensuring that we provide a wide range of opportunity for them for development,” he said.

The Minister also pledged to continue to adopt the Self Help way to work with the Parent Teachers Association and other members of the community to ensure that the playing facility was properly fenced.

Mr. Daniel also pointed to major road construction works in the area which would benefit those who lived in the area.

“I think it is not to be taken lightly when we put down the road. What it does is it improves access to the community and for those persons who have lands in the area it certainly raises the value of the land.

“As we have said, the road to development is the development of roads, so I am happy to have been at a point in development to have been elected to deliver the road and ensure a 400meter track and field ground for the people here. I think those are fundamental things and I think over the years we have always wanted that,” he said.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Daniel urged those who used the new roads from Cole Hill via Cox to Clay Ghaut and into Chicken Stone to do so with discretion; to heed the traffic regulations and to guard against speeding.

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