Nevis Premier Parry Celebrates With Pre-Schoolers

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (January 31, 2007)
Premier and Parliamentary Representative for the St. Thomas’ Parish enjoyed a moment of gratification on Wednesday January 31st , when he paid a visit to the St. Thomas’ Pre School to view an art and craft exhibition.  The activity formed part of a week of activities to mark the school’s 15th anniversary.

In a brief interview with the Department of Information, Mr. Parry noted with nostalgia, that he was instrumental in the erection of the building 15 years ago.

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Vervet Monkey ““ A Threat To Nevis Agriculture

Tuesday January 30 2007
Submitted by Jacqueline Armony
Sun/Stkitts Newspaper

There is no point talking about increasing agricultural production in St. Kitts and Nevis if we continue to ignore the serious monkey problem we have here ““ namely, the huge and ever increasing population of monkeys that wander the country side devastating vegetables and fruit crops wherever they go. 

Not only do these animals pose a threat to agriculture but, they are also harmful to our natural environment, destroying bird’s nests and consuming the eggs and eating the buds and young shoots of plants.

The African Vervet Monkey was brought here as pets by the French in the 17th century and escaped into the wild during the several wars that took place between the French and the English in their struggle for supremacy in the region.

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Nevis’ Premier Parry To Visit Taiwan

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (January 30, 2007)
Premier of Nevis the Honorable Joseph Parry will visit Taiwan later this year.  The invitation was extended to Premier Parry on Monday January 29, 2007, when Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan, His Excellency Mr. John Liu paid a courtesy call on Premier Parry at his office at the Administration Building at Bath Plain, Charlestown.

“The Taiwanese Ambassador has presented me with an invitation to travel to Taiwan later this year, which will give me the opportunity to discuss one or two major projects with the Taiwanese government and I’m very pleased for that,” the Premier said in an interview with the Department of Information.

He said that a number of matters were discussed including the agro-processing plant that will be constructed on Nevis in Cades Bay.

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Tourism Week To Help Nevis Business

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (January 29, 2007)
Premier and Minister of Tourism on Nevis the Hon. Joseph Parry said that knowledge of the opportunities available to small businesses and the invaluable role they play in the tourism industry  will be the focus of activities surrounding Tourism Week 2007. The event is organised by the Ministry of Tourism under the theme “Tourism is Our Business”.
In a televised address to herald the start of Tourism Week 2007, Mr. Parry said that the week which will end on February 3rd, would seek to emphasise greater awareness of Nevis’ tourism product and would reflect the value attached by the Nevis Reformation Party led Nevis Island Administration (NIA) to partnerships among various sectors of the economy.

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Nevis Needs A Stronger Fisheries Policy

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (January 25, 2007)
Minister with responsibilities for Fisheries on Nevis the Hon. Robelto Hector said that the ongoing series of consultations with the fishers of Nevis had revealed a number of areas in need of strengthening in the existing policy of the Fisheries Department.
Mr. Hector told the Department of Information on Thursday January 25, 2007, that the consultations served as a fact gathering mission, to put together and refine its policy which would ultimately have greater benefit for the fishers. He said the consultations offered the opportunity for the fishers to contribute to the development of the fisheries policy.
“The consultations with the fishermen, I would say, are giving the results that I hoped for in terms of assisting us at the Ministry in putting together the package that they [fishers] would benefit from over the next five years and beyond,” he said.

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