Nevisians To Operate Geothermal Plant

Mr. Thomas Drolet - CEO Nevis Renewable Energy

Mr. Thomas Drolet

Charlestown, Nevis
December 11, 2013

Training opportunities for Nevisians will come once the geothermal plant is completed. President and Chief Executive Officer of Nevis Renewable Energy International Mr. Thomas Drolet, whose company successfully won the bid for energy development on Nevis, categorically stated that “the plant would be eventually run by locals”.

Mr. Drolet who was at the time addressing local media at a press conference hosted by the Nevis Island Administration at which the company’s principals could meet with the press said the training which would come through university training and otherwise in fields related to energy development would be because of discussions held by the Company’s Chief Technology Officer Mr. Bruce Cutright with Energy and Environment Minister Hon. Alexis Jeffers.

“Bruce has talked to the ministers and our team as we negotiated this week about the possibility of taking talented Nevisian students and putting them into geothermal faculties not only at his own university [University of Texas] but perhaps at a couple other universities.

“With the help of Bruce and his university-type background, we intend to train as many appropriate and talented people from Nevis not just from NEVLEC but from the general population to work in the facility. It is not going to be run by folks from the United States; it’s going to be run eventually by locals.

Mr. Drolet described Mr. Cutright as a principal investigator at the University of Texas in Austin who was responsible in the U.S. State Department of Energy and other grants for the formation of the Worldwide Database on Geothermal Energy and Geothermal Energy Research and Development.

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