LIAT Sold For US $ 20 Million

From the Antigua Sun, 15 July, 2006
By Patricia Campbell

Cash strapped regional airline LIAT will shortly be receiving a major boost in funding from the government of Antigua & Barbuda. Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer has announced that Antigua & Barbuda will be injecting an additional US$20 million dollars into the airline, the result of a deal brokered with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

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Excel Airways Charters From Gatwick (UK)

Excel Airways has always had great service to St. Kitts – Nevis from the UK, and this year is no exception.  Unfortunately they only fly out of Gatwick Airport (London), but may expand into Manchester, and Edinburgh.  Who cares though…..if …

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American Airlines Lands 757 In St. Kitts

An American Airlines’ pilot who landed the very first American Airlines 757 at the St. Kitts Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport has said he hopes the service to the islands will be extended. The chartered flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International …

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Arrival At “New” Nevis Airport

Nevis Airport

 The “New” Nevis Airport

Nevis is not as easy to get to as Florida, but then isn’t that what you’re trying to avoid anyway?  In order to get to Nevis, you first have to get to a larger island, such as St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Maarten or Puerto Rico.  This of course does not apply if you live on one of the Caribbean islands, in which case stop reading this page and go to the beach.  The rest of us envy you!

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