Nevis Youth Club Receives Donation From US Donor

Charlestown, Nevis
April 02, 2008

The Jessup’s All Stars (JAS) Community Club recently received monetary assistance and power tool for its Bikes not Bombs (BNB) Nevis programme, from United States (US) donor Mr. Jonathan Cooper Allen  This was done by Mr. Gwyndass Jones from Boston, who spent his vacation on Nevis.
Mr. Jones presented US $400.00 and a Power Grinder to Club Representative Mrs. Veronica Ferguson, on behalf of Mr. Allen
“I am here [at the Jessup BNB site] on behalf of BNB Boston to see the project and to deliver some resources to finish the project. Here is four hundred dollars from a donor for Bikes not Bombs in Boston and here is a grinder for preparing for the paint [work to be done on the Container]” he said.
Mrs. Ferguson accepted the check and power grinder from Mr. Jones on behalf of the JAS Club and expressed gratitude to Mr. Allen for his invaluable contribution to the Club.

“Thank you very much Mr. Jones and please convey to Mr Allen the Members of BNB Nevis heartfelt gratitude for his contribution to the programme. We really appreciate it and we will use it to the fullest,” she said.
She used the opportunity to appeal to the general public and businesses on Nevis to support the club and add to the continual progress of the Bikes Not Bomb (BNB) programme.
“I will like to take this opportunity to appeal to the public at large in Nevis to assist us in the continual progress in this bikes program. We have already seen some fruits from it. We had some club members who took part in the triathlon and they won first place in their category. We need some more tool and parts for the bikes.  I’m here now asking the general public to assist us in whatever way you can”.
Mrs. Ferguson also implored parents to play an active role in the club for it to achieve its objectives.
Meantime, the JAS Nevis based BNB Representatives Ms. Christina Stoney gave the Department of Information an overview of the club. She said the Club had existed for eighteen months and the Nevis Bikes not Bombs (BNB) was a community based, non profit programme, under the guidance of the Youth Division of Social Development in the Nevis island Administration (NIA).
Ms. Stoney said the programme was created to promote positive youth programmes and healthy alternatives and also create an avenue to build relationships with adults on Nevis.
“Other aspects of the programme included Environmental Awareness, Mathematics, Relationship-Building and Homework Assistance.” She said.
“The earn a bike class involved youths to volunteer in the community and to also complete six weeks training in Bikes Mechanics.
Other Youth Clubs on Nevis that participate with the BNB programme included the Cotton Ground Shooting Stars (CSS) and other interested youths in the Barnes Ghaut, Cotton Ground, Gingerland and Newcastle areas.

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