Nevis Welcomes Medical Supplies Donation

Nevis Health Adviser - Mr. Hensley Daniel

Nevis Health Adviser – Mr. Hensley Daniel

Charlestown, Nevis
November 23, 2012

Adviser to the Minister of Health on Nevis Mr. Hensley Daniel welcomed a donation from the Rotary Club to the health services on Nevis suggested it recognized that health services, its management and delivery could not be left to the government alone.

Mr. Daniel’s comment came when he received a substantial donation of medical supplies and equipment from the Hackettstown Medical Centre and Hackettstown Rotary Club through the Rotary Club of St. Kitts on November 21, 2012. The gift was for the Alexandra Hospital, the main medical facility on Nevis.

“We welcome this partnership with civic organisations, we welcome the partnership with the private sector and we welcome that partnership to be able to deliver quality health care to the people of Nevis,” he said.

The Health Advisor in the Nevis Island Administration also had some advice for the Hospital staff and urged them to care for the supplies. He told them the donations had come from far and were given by those who had the desire to share internationally.

Among the donations were two tread mills, 12 hospital beds, baby bassinets, furniture, a photo copying machine and an assortment of medical supplies.

Mr. Daniel thanked the donors and also noted that the Hospital had been at the receiving end from a number of institutions and organisations and hinted that the Health Facility had the space and time for more donations.

“I am sure you are aware that we will have space and time for other things”¦So when you get further donations, just as the President [St. Kitts Rotary Club] did, I am only a phone call away or whoever we are only a phone call away and so we can be reached to help.

“I want to especially thank the Club for looking in our direction and I want to ask him to take with you to the members of your Club our very, very sincere appreciation for the contribution,” he said.

The Health Advisor also used the opportunity to remind Nevisians of the increasing cost of health care and any contribution monetary or otherwise would assist in some measure to cut cost.

“I also want to say finally to the people of Nevis, that the cost of health care is increasing and any contribution that is given whether monetary or in this case supplies means that we could cut the cost and our operating cost.  I am sure the list is not exhaustive of persons who can make continued contributions to the development of health care.

“That said I want to urge us all, to use our collective efforts to continue to look after the people when they are sick because it is when people are sick they need so much more attention than when they are well. I want to thank the Rotary for serving in this capacity,” he said.

Mr. Daniel who had served in the NIA as Minister of Health for the last six years said the continued donations towards health care on Nevis were welcomed recognised during his tenure as Minister that matters of health were a daily occurrence and the more partnerships forged in the area of health, assistance received and contributions made to health services, the better the delivery of the island’s health services.

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