Nevis Weather Forecast

Come on in……the water is fine!
Not only is the water fine, about 81 degrees F., but so is everything else with the weather.  Nevis is located about 17 degrees North of the Equator, to be more precise, 17.10N 62.35W.  With such a great global position you can’t help but have great weather.  The days average about 84 degrees F., but are tempered by the steady Northeasterly breezes, and the nights are a insomniacs dream with temperatures hovering around 73 degrees F.
This climate is incredible even by Caribbean standards.  With very little humidity, cool sea breezes, and sunshine almost every day, you have to wonder why Columbus was in such a hurry to return home.  Yes, there is rain, but it so soft and short lived that it is a treat instead of a force to be reckoned with.  There are of course the odd hurricanes that blow through during the hurricane season (June 1 – November 30), but these are closely monitored by the National Hurricane Center along with other tropical weather agencies, and won’t pose much risk to the average tourist.  A small price to pay indeed, for heaven on earth.

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