Nevis Tourism Minister Commends Long Time Resident

Deby Wallace with Mark Brantley

Deby Wallace with Mark Brantley

Charlestown, Nevis
August 29, 2013

Deputy Premier of Nevis and Minister of Tourism Hon. Mark Brantley presented Ms. Deby Wallace, a long serving resident on the island with a plaque on behalf of the Nevis Island Administration for her contribution to the island’s tourism at the Oualie Beach Resort on August 27, 2013.

Ms. Wallace who came to St. Kitts in June 1988 and later moved to Nevis in July 1991, left Nevis on August 28 to return to her home in the United States of America. Mr. Brantley thanked Ms. Wallace for her contribution to tourism, in particular sailing.

“Deby has been a long time resident here in Nevis and a tremendous contributor to sailing and to tourism. She is leaving temporarily, I hope, but leaving nonetheless, to go back to the United States and I just want on behalf of the Nevis Island Administration to thank her for the service that she has offered the island voluntarily. We have a small plaque as a token of our appreciation. It says:

“The Nevis Island Administration presents to Deby Wallace in recognition of your sterling contribution to the development of sailing and the promotion of Tourism on Nevis. August 23, 2013.’

“Deby, thank you very much for your contribution and I hope that you put this in a prominent place and that you will always remember Nevis. I wish you luck with being an ambassador to Nevis,” he said.

In response Ms. Wallace thanked Mr. Brantley for the gesture and stated that she would never forget Nevis.

“I will always remember Nevis. Thank you very much for the opportunity to serve and for such a beautiful country to represent. I do plan to head off into the US and make more people know about Nevis…I cannot wait to come back,” she said.

According to Ms. Wallace, while on Nevis she had gotten involved in sports. She served as Chairperson for the Nevis Fishing Tournament for the last 10 years. Up to the time of her departure, Ms. Wallace also served as the Secretary to the Nevis Yacht Club, a position she held since the club’s inception in 1992.

“I got involved with the Nevis Fishing Tournament and served as chairperson for about 10 years now and I am going to miss it. I am going to miss Nevis and I am going to miss the event. I will continue to support Nevis and the event and even though I won’t be here, they will be talking to me via Skype to make sure it happens again this year and I look forward to being here for 2014.

“I have also been Secretary of the Nevis Yacht Club since its inception which is somewhere around 1992 and we have developed a youth sailing programme which we are very proud of. We have had eight excellent youth sailors learn how to sail and they are progressing in their courses,” she said.

Ms. Wallace also spoke of the Club’s awareness work in collaboration with the NIA and the Fisheries Department in an effort to create awareness of the dangers of the Lion Fish inhabiting the island’s waters and promised to continue her work with the Club.

“I will continue to do my best to educate people as much as I can and keep pushing so that we can continue the growth of the Nevis Yacht Club,” she said.

Ms. Wallace was also involved in the Triathlon on Nevis.

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