Nevis Tourism Marketing Efforts Pay Off

Nevis Tourism Authority CEO- Greg Phillip

Nevis Tourism Authority – CEO – Greg Phillip

Charlestown, Nevis
August 03, 2014

Marketing initiatives taken to boost the tourism industry of Nevis are bearing fruit and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) Greg Phillip expressed satisfaction with the increased numbers of visitors to the shores of Nevis and greater media coverage the destination continued to receive.

In an interview with the Department of Information at the NTA on August 01, 2014, Phillip expressed satisfaction with the positive results.

“We are quite pleased that all the work we have been doing has begun to pay off. These initiatives whether it be our international push or specifically with the folks we have working for us internationally, we have seen it began to pay off.

“Almost every week now there are a number of articles on Nevis with people saying some very good things about the island of Nevis and those are the things that are inspirational, not only in building the awareness but inspirational from the point of view that individuals, who are travelers and who are seeking a place to go on vacation, are beginning to choose Nevis more. So we have seen an increase in the number of people coming to Nevis this season,” he said.

According to Phillip, because of the increased visitor arrival, a number of sectors including the island’s coffers benefited.

“We have also seen an increase in the revenue that is collected on the island from Tourism and what is very, very promising, is that the future looks good from the point of view that these things are continuing to pay off and we are definitely building.

“It’s always welcoming when we have done things and we begin to see results. For us, seeing results is seeing the people in tourism succeed, whether it be the taxi drivers or people doing the tours or the people who own, operate, manage, work at hotels. Those are the people who truly are our customers and that is where we look for the success. So as our community benefits, that is when we know and feel good, that all the things we are doing are paying off and we are quite pleased with what we see so far,” he said.

The NTA Executive noted that the impact of work done by the Authority was evident, since more opportunities had opened up for a greater number of people to visit the island, to take part in those opportunities as a result of the visibility the destination was enjoying.

“We have seen over the past year or so that the international press that Nevis has had has just been so tremendous. It’s almost every week now there is a new article on Nevis, somebody somewhere saying or writing something nice about Nevis.

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