Nevis To Offer Full Health Care To Island Residents

Charlestown, Nevis
February 29, 2008

Minister of Health the Hon. Hensley Daniel said the Nevis Reformation Party led-Nevis Island Administration (NIA) had  been working assiduously to ensure that the people of Nevis received full medical and health services coverage.
Minister Daniel made the statement while he gave an update on the status of medical care on the island during a sitting of the Nevis Island Assembly on Thursday February 28, 2008.
“There are presently eight doctors employed at the Alexandra Hospital and three at the District level plus the Medical Officer of Health.  We now employ 12 Medical Doctors and two Dentists and now we have complete 24 hour medical coverage at the Alexandra hospital,” he said.

The Minister of Health outlined the services of five new physicians, Dr. Beatriz Gomez (Cuban) Physical Therapist who is stationed at the Flamboyant Nursing Home, two Nigerian General Practitioners, Dr. Kingsly Chinwendu Okolie is attached to the Alexandra Hospital and Dr. Chukwuwike Okeke who is attached to the Districts to strengthen the community system where only one fulltime doctor is employed.
“We now have for the first time Madam President, a Pediatrician stationed at the Alexandra Hospital, Dr. Sulay Perez.  Dr. Perez was requested by the Ministry of Health through the agreement between the government of the Republic of Cuba and the Government of St. Christopher and Nevis on the Medical Co-operation Scheme.
“We also have our own, Dr. Veron Brookes-Rodriguez, who is a Dental Surgeon and works out of the dental unit in Gingerland,” he said.
Mr. Daniel said that these interventions were aimed at ensuring continuous medical care for all of the persons who become ill and to strengthen the level of health care provided by the NIA. 
The Eye Care Programme initiated by Dr. George Bresnick he said would continue to be provided through the services of a visiting Ophthalmologist in April and November.
He further disclosed that the Administration had contracted the services of Dr. Ian Walwyn a renowned Ophthalmologist based in Antigua, who had Nevisian roots his father being one Dr. Alford Walwyn. He said his monthly visits were to ensure continued eye care for those persons who needed that service during the period April to November.
Mr. Daniel said Nevisians could look towards year end when the Administration had expected to have the services of a fully trained ophthalmologist.

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