Nevis To Add Agro-Tourism Choices

Agro-Tourism Site on Nevis

Agro-Tourism Site At New River Heritage

The Nevis Ministry of Tourism is well on its way to creating an integrated agro-tourism experience at New River in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture.

Mr. John Hanley, Permanent Secretary in the ministry told the Department of Information on July 19, 2021 that the perimeter fence at the New River Heritage Site has already been completed.

“With the completion of the fence, the ministry will now be able to proceed with its initiative to develop an integrated agro-tourism experience on site in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and other key stakeholders. The first phase of the project will be landscaping of the site and the eventual addition of key visitor facilities.

“The fence will also be instrumental in protecting the monuments and artifacts on site and will facilitate repair work to the historic ruins and other upgrades,” he said.

According to Mr. Hanley, moving forward, members of the public would only be able to access the heritage site at stipulated times as set out by the Ministry of Tourism.

“The general public is asked to note that effective 19th July, 2021, the New River Heritage Site can be accessed by the general public between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

“Permission to use the site on weekends can be requested by emailing: or calling 869-661-1965. COVID-19 protocols must be observed by all visitors to the site,” Mr. Hanley noted.

The Tourism Permanent Secretary spoke of some of the key features which will be highlighted at the end of the agro-tourism project.

“The Ministry of Tourism intends to develop a tourism product at New River that will be a journey through Nevis’ agricultural history through engagement with the key crops grown on the island in the past – cotton, indigo, tobacco, sugar cane, coconut, bananas and ginger.

“The long-term objective is to eventually integrate New River and Coconut Walk Estates as well as the lime kiln as one cohesive tourism experience,” he said.

The cotton ginnery on site at New River will be transformed into a multi-media interpretation centre which will provide detailed information to visitors and locals about Nevis’ key agricultural commodities.

At the conclusion of the project, it is expected that New River will provide the nucleus for a variety of agro-tourism and other experiences at the site and surrounding areas.

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