Nevis Special Events – July 2006

To Be Announced:

Fruit Festival – Sample a wide variety of tasty dishes and drinks beautifully prepared from Nevis’  locally grown tropical fruits  . For more information please call the Department of Agriculture:
at either 869.469.5603 or 869.469.7302

July 28 – August 08, 2006 (Culturama)

Culturama… Nevis’ premier festival is a unique celebration of the most significant milestone in our history – the Emancipation of slaves in the 1830s. It is a 7-Day focus on all aspects of Nevisian Arts and Culture featuring:

  • Drama Presentation
  • Senior/Junior KAISO Contests
  • Miss Culture Queen Pageant
  • Talented Youth Pageant
  • Cultural Street Fair, Emancipation Day Jump-up
  • Horse racing organized by Nevis Turf and Jockey Club at Indian Castle Race Track.
  • Grand Cultural Parade and Display on Culturama Tuesday.
  • Lead-up activities span the entire month of July including dramatic presentations, Street Dancing, KAISO Tents, Miss Culture Presentation Dance etc.
  • The Cultural Village, featuring food and drink, music and dynamic performances attracts huge crowds nightly until the morning hours for a full 3-week period.

For exact dates call the Culturama secretary on 869.469.1992 or visit this great web site

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