Nevis School Bus Donated By Windsong Foundation

Nevis School Bus (Toyota Coaster) Donated By Windsong Foundation

Toyota Coaster School Bus Donation

Students on Nevis have a new school bus, and are now better placed to benefit from additional transportation for their daily commute to and from school thanks to another donation from the Windsong Foundation.

Hon. Troy Liburd, Jr. Minister of Education, commissioned the Toyota Coaster bus at a handing over ceremony at the Artisan Village in Pinney’s Estate on November 01, 2022, and expressed gratitude for the foundation’s partnership with the Nevis Island Administration (NIA)

“A little under two years ago we were right at this location and at that time we had taken delivery of two buses, so now this is the third bus in just under two years and prior to that in, I think, 2017 we would have taken delivery of two new buses at that time. So five of our seven buses that we have running as school buses are donations from the Windsong Foundation,” he said.

Mr. Liburd used the occasion to speak on the significance of the foundation’s donations to Nevis and urged those using the school buses to take care of them.

“I want to ask everybody who would have use of the buses to take care of the buses. They are donations and whenever anybody gives you anything, you want to take very, very good care of them.

“This donation is just under EC$190,000 so it is indeed a significant donation, and when you add this to the others that we have gotten, just the three we have gotten in the past, less than two years, it is indeed significant. It is over half a million EC dollars that we have received in kind donation from the Windsong Foundation. So we really appreciate them and I want to give the commitment on behalf of the Ministry of Education and on behalf of all of the people of Nevis that we are certainly going to do our best to take good care of these buses. We really, really appreciate it,” he said.

The brief ceremony was chaired by Mr. Kevin Barrett, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education; and Pastor Bernard Browne prayed for God’s blessing and protection for the drivers and students who will use the new school bus.

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