Nevis Retired Professionals And Skills Corps Launched

Charlestown Nevis (March 2, 2007)
An organisation to promote intergenerational harmony and build youth adult partnership was launched in Nevis on Wednesday February 28, 2007 at the Mt. Nevis Hotel.  The group now known as the Nevis Retired Professionals and Skills Corps (NRPSC) is an initiative of Ministry of Health and Community Development.

Minister of Social Transformation and Community Development, Hon. Hensley Daniel said that the establishment of this organisation is an opportunity for reintegration and to utilize the expertise and skills of those who are retired.

“We have an army of people who have passed 55 years of age and who are not 65 years of age and have retired and they are not playing that critical role that we wish them to play. This organization we hope to bridge that gap.I want also to say to the public both in the public and private service that there is the usual resentment to our own people who are trained and who lived abroad and who bring new perspective to things.  I am urging them to open their mind to new ways of doing things, new modes of thought so that we could all benefit from both groups of people. I am hoping that the launch of this organization helps us to see not age or to say like Sparrow “˜age is just a number “˜. What we want is the experience that people bring to the fore and how we can use it”, he said.

Mr. Daniel said it is anticipated that overtime young people and adults would growing together, learn together and aspire together towards the redevelopment of the country.  He added that such an organization can achieve economic power.

Mr. Daniel said that the formation of the NRPSC would be sending a message to the regional and international community, as well as donor agencies abroad that in Nevis there are persons who are aware of the functions of our government and people.

“The regional and international community must be served notice that among us reside a tremendous amount of talent, experience and expertise which can be used to do consultancy work and for and on their behalf and given that we live and work in Nevis we are better positioned to make informed assessment of this local community.

So please see this as an opportunity to do a wide range of things but most importantly to help this next generation of young people to learn to grow and develop, and you and them together.  It is in that context and on behalf of the Premier and other colleague ministers in the government it gives me great pleasure to declare the Nevis Professionals and Skills Corps. started”, he said.

Retired professional, Dr. Violet Jeffers said she embraced the formation of such an organisation and commended Minister Daniel and his team for bringing together the retired professionals so that they are given the opportunity to pass on their skills and expertise to the generations below them.  Dr. Jeffers said that the launch was the beginning of new growth in the lives of the professionals.

“We are going to have to learn.  We are not going to be going in the communities as we take on we are going there as learners and the young people or the older people”¦ they have so much to teach us.  We are not going out there to tell them how much we know, we are going out there to ask them, how can I help, is there anything I can do for you?  Befriend them, talk with them, love them, be patient with them. Understand them, work with them.  That is community development with an understanding that we have need to learn much from them.

Let us be mindful that the people we are going to be working with they need our help, but they also have much to offer.  May God help us and bless us and give us humble hearts and minds that we will be able to go out there and help other people and help ourselves as well’ she said.

Also addressing the gathering was Advisor in the Ministry of Community Development, Mr. Halstead Sooty Byron and Permanent Secretary, Mr. Alsted Pemberton.

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