Nevis Premier’s Christmas Message 2007

Charlestown, Nevis
December 25, 2007

Fellow Nevisians at home and abroad, residents and friends of Nevis, I extend to you warm greetings for the Christmas season.

As we celebrate this Christmas season, we must remember to be thankful to God Almighty for sparing the country from Natural disasters in 2007 and thus we can enjoy another Christmas in true Nevisian style.  Even as we do so, we need to pause and reflect that things could have been very different in light of the recent earthquake which shook the island.  Therefore as we celebrate let us remember those persons living in countries which have been hit by disasters- natural or manmade.

We remember too those who have lost loved ones during this year and pray that God’s peace and comfort would help them through this Christmas season.

Christmas is a special time of the year for all of us. For children it is the receiving of gifts; the surprise and enjoyment they feel when they open their gifts or receive money or other presents from loved ones and family.  For those who are no longer children, in some ways when we too receive and share, we generally reminisce about the Christmas of past, the joy, excitement and pleasure that we too once shared at Christmas time.

At this special time, we celebrate the life and birth of Jesus.  As we celebrate Christmas this year, it is a good time to talk about Jesus and his self-less sacrifice of coming to earth as a baby to humble parents, and to live among ordinary people, experience ordinary happenings and eventually to take our sins on himself and die so that we can be forgiven.  It is the best story of selflessness that has ever been told, but the better part is that the story is true.

As we sing or listen to the carols, I want you to realize that the story of Jesus’ birth is about joy, peace, love, goodwill, blessings and sharing.

The true spirit of Christmas is therefore one of caring and sharing with loved ones, the elderly, the sick and those less fortunate than our selves. So reach out and show love and concern. I can remember of a carol that is not sung so much now as when I was a child. It told the story of Good King Wenceslas.  As he looked out over his kingdom on the Feast of St. Stephen he saw a poor man in the deep snow gathering wood to cook and warm him self.  The King called to his page or servant immediately and asked who the poor man was.  The page replied that the poor man lived quite far, near to the edge of the forest, by St. Agnes fountain.

The King had compassion and asked to share his lunch with him. Bless somebody this Christmas.  It may be a simple gesture, a small gift, a greeting, even brightening the Christmas season for some lonely, depressed or otherwise unhappy person.

Those of you who are visiting friends and family and those who are visiting as tourists I warmly welcome you and trust that you will find the holidays enjoyable as well as restful. A hearty Merry Christmas to Nevisians living in various countries of the world. May all of you experience the peace and blessings of the Christmas Season. We love all of you. You are a part of us. Distance cannot erase the fact that you are our families and friends and we wish for you God’s abundant blessings and protection not only at Christmas but always.

The year has passed by quickly but your government has been able to achieve a significant part of the People’s Agenda. We have been able to find water through drilling at Hamilton and Barnes Ghaut, ensuring an additional 150,000 gallons per day. This is significant and we give God thanks for this gift at Christmas time.

The third phase of the island Main Road Project is almost completed. Experience this road. I invite all of you to make time to go sight-seeing. See for yourselves the development, which are taking place on the island. Experience the new road which links the villages of Jessups, Barnes Ghaut and Cotton Ground

At this point, I urge all road users to be responsible.  I urge you to drive with caution. Do not drink and drive. If you know that you will be driving then please do not drink.

To the racing enthusiasts, I beseech you not to use the public roads for racing. Be patient, your government will deliver on its promise to provide a drag racing strip, so that you can enjoy the sport you love, safely and legally. Meanwhile don’t endanger your lives or the lives of others. Let us have a festive season free from accidents.

We have had a very busy festive season so far””Christmas Tree lightings island wide and in St. Thomas’ Parish, St. Thomas’ Fest and other festivals. I wish to take this opportunity on behalf of my wife, my family and cabinet colleagues, to wish you a blessed Christmas.

A reminder to you, youths, abstain from violence. There will be zero tolerance for violence, so observe peace and goodwill to all.

May God Bless you!

Honorable Premier Joseph Parry

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