Nevis Premier To Speak About Property Tax

Nevis Premier At Town Hall Meeting About Property Taxes

Nevis Premier Speaks About Property Taxes

Charlestown, Nevis
May 7th, 2008

As part of the Government’s policy of inclusion and transparency, Premier and Minister of Finance, the Hon. Joseph Parry is taking part in Town Hall meetings across the island to discuss the newly installed Property Tax Bill.  This is being done in collaboration with the Nevis Inland Revenue Service, in an effort to give residents of Nevis the opportunity to air their views on the issue.

Legal Adviser- Hon. Patrice Nisbett, Nevis Island Revenue Service (Ag.) Deputy Controller – Ms. Neva Manners and Inland Revenue Officer- Mr. Bryan Gillfillan, will all join the Premier on a panel to enlighten the general public on matters surrounding the Bill.

According to Premier Parry, about 20% of homeowners would be tax exempt under the new tax law.  Persons, who pay under $100 now, will be paying less under the new system.  It may be noted, therefore, that with this new arrangement, there is more scope for individuals to be treated fairly.

In response to a question on what would happen if a person were not happy with their evaluation, Hon. Patrice Nisbett indicated that a board has been put in place for those who are not pleased with their assessment. When the board meets and decides in one’s favour then the tax amount can be changed.  However, if the board meets and the evaluation is not one the individual is content with, then one can appeal.

Ms. Neva Manners also outlined the various classification rates for Improvement and Land:

Class 1- Residential Use of Property, Improvement – 0.156%  Land – 0.075%

Class 2- Commercial Use Property, Improvement- 0.156%  Land – 0.075%

Class 3- Accommodation Use Property, Same as commercial use property.

Class 4- Property used in certified farming operations, -0.01%

Class 5-Institutuional Use Property, Improvement- 0.2%  Land – 0.15%
The Town Hall meetings continue this week, on Wednesday, May 7th at the New Castle Wesleyan Holiness Church at 7:30p.m, and on Thursday, May 8th at the Bath Community Centre at 8p.m. The meetings continue next week with the venue and time to be announced at a later date. The general public is invited to attend and take part.

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