Nevis Premier Stresses Investment In Nevis

“The Nevis Island Administration continues to take measures to provide adequate, creative and significant methods to assist young people in Nevis to reach their full potential,” says Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry in an interview with radio host Mr. Marcellus Lee on Voice of Nevis (VON) radio’s popular program “Let’s Talk” on Tuesday, July 17.
“We have been very people focused and it is not surprising since our manifesto is entitled “The Peoples Agenda”. We want to build our people, encourage our people and like a good friend of mine says, touch the people! I want to say tonight that 66 persons have been assisted this year and last year with University Education. Some of the items they are studying are: Environmental Health, Accounting, Civil Engineering, Community Health, Medicine, Law, Architecture, Business Management and Agriculture are just a few areas.”

The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) led government has been very people focused in their first year with the Senior Citizen program, which provides older persons with day trips, basket weaving, dominoes, and the chance to socialise with other people, the very successful Homework Assistance program which had an enrolment of over 300 children just before the summer holidays assist children with tutoring and computer skills and the micro business ordinance will assist nationals who are interested in starting their own business.
On speaking about the Homework assistance program, Premier Parry stated, “All children do not do well in class during school time and a little assistance can help them catch up with the children who perform at a more reasonable rate. Many teachers have come forward to assist with the program and I want to congratulate them for a job well done, I am please with the assistance of the Homework program. I see this program as a focal point to build people and this program will help manifest a strong confidence in their education.”

There is also a computer program existing now that has 99 persons enrolled. “We are making sure that all of our Community Centres are being used and that people are benefiting from them!”
A business centre has been established, so that people could get training in hospitality and business management.

“Small businesses are the backbone of most countries for example, the United States. So I wish to assist every Nevisian with a solid business plan and in return our island of Nevis will be better off. If we invest in the people of Nevis there will be less people to go to jail or visit the court system.”

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