Nevis Premier Speaks At Independence Celebration Opening

Nevis Premier At Independence Celebration Opening

Nevis Premier At Independence Celebration Opening

Charlestown, Nevis
August 11, 2008

The Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry addressed an enthusiastic crowd on the achievements of Nevis over the last 25 years, at the launch of activities for the Silver Jubilee Celebration for the St. Kitts & Nevis 25th Anniversary of Independence. The opening took place on Thursday afternoon at the Nevis Tourism Authority apron in Charlestown.

“This afternoon is a special time for us, as it is the beginning of the celebration of our 25th Anniversary. It was 25 years ago that St.Kitts and the island of Nevis, this twin island nation, took the bold step of Independence. It was 25 years ago that this island with $250,000 started the government of Nevis. Many persons had low expectations, because a small sum of $250,000 was not expected to take us anywhere. I must say that we had a country that had a number of problems. We had a problem with Infrastructure, roads, water services, electricity, and telephone communications. However, today I am proud to say to you that we have overcome all of our infrastructure, and utility problems and on top of that, we have some of the best roads in the Caribbean, here on the island of Nevis,” declared Premier Parry.

On that declaration, the Premier received a thunderous applause.

Today in Nevis, according to the Premier, the island has a water system where every household can boast of having running water 24 hours a day.

“We have every reason to be proud, especially since last month the Nevis Reformation Party led Nevis Island Administration has implemented one million gallons of water into the system,” said the Premier.

In Electricity, the Premier pointed out that he is proud that Nevis has a son of the soil, Mr. Cartwright Farrell, as the manager of the Nevis Electricity Department (NEVLEC), where he has exhibited great service to the people of Nevis.

“It is a demonstration that Nevisians are as good as anybody else and better than many others,” he said.

During Premier Parry’s Speech, he thanked the First Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Simeon Daniel for his role in the progress of Education on Nevis. The Nevis Reformation Party under the leadership of Simeon Daniel made education its first priority. Pre-schools became established in Charlestown, Gingerland and in St. Thomas’.  A sixth Form became established in Nevis and every Nevisian gained access to a Secondary education, it was the first for Nevis and it was a first for the OECS.

The first serious Land Reform Program was a result of the government of Nevis under the Nevis Reformation Party some 25 years ago. It was done to assure that the people of Nevis were able to purchase land at an affordable price.

The Premier continued his discourse on Land and housing by stating, “The government of Nevis continues its program of home construction of affordable homes and more Lands will be available soon in Simmonds, Jessups, Cotton Ground, St. John’s, St.James and St. Paul’s, so that any progress that Nevis receives will be given to all.”

On Agriculture, The Premier noted that Nevis was among the first to provide a marketing department and an irrigation system, which has assisted farmers to sell their products to the Four Seasons Resort and other local markets. The University of the West Indies has recently congratulated the Nevis model of the Agriculture-Tourism partnership.

“”¦And what will be the centrepiece for the future of Nevis?” Premier Parry asked the audience.

The answer is geothermal energy, which will lead to cheaper electricity bills, more jobs and royalties from the selling of the geothermal resource to other islands in the region.

The Premier stated, “Geothermal energy in Nevis will be revolutionary and it will change the face of this island in a big and positive way!”

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