Nevis’ Premier Parry Reports On Busy Schedule

Charlestown Nevis (February 14, 2007)
Premier of Nevis and Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Joseph Parry has had a rather busy schedule this past week attending a number of engagements off and on island.

The Department of Information spoke with Mr. Parry and found out how Nevis stood to benefit from his Florida meeting with the Cruise lines.

“It was the first opportunity I have gotten as Minister of Tourism to actually go to the head offices of the Cruise lines and meet with CEO’s.  It was very interesting and useful trip.  We were able to touch base with these cruise lines.  They indicated to us that St. Kitts and Nevis are good destinations and Nevis has a very good up-market image.  The understood the difficulties in coming to Nevis but consideration will be given for next year, the new tourism season” he said.

He added that he will stay in touch with the Cruise liners to ensure that some benefits can be derived from the trip.The Premier said that he was happy to have received the invitation extended to him by Federal Minister of Tourism, Minister of State Hon. Ricky Skerritt.  During the visit to Florida, Mr Parry said some interesting observations were pointed out by some of the older companies who did business with the Federation.

“Some of the older companies indicated that we need to pay more attention to our tourism product on-shore.  They also felt that we need to keep certain standards, to continue to talk about up-market tourism.  The visitor must feel that when they leave Nevis, they have a sense of satisfaction that they have been somewhere different”, Mr. Parry said.

To achieve this he said that the government would seek to ensure training for the taxi drivers and tour guides as well as marketing personnel of the tourism sector in promoting the island’s tourism product.

Premier Parry returned to Nevis on Saturday to throw his support behind the Police force on Nevis. The Nevis division of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force held its Appreciation Awards Ceremony at the Old Manor Hotel where Mr. Parry addressed the rank and file of the force.

“I must say that I am here at this time because I wanted to be here to give support to the police on Nevis.  I could have easily stayed away because, but it was important for me to be here.  I must say to you that I am very pleased with the turn out.  It is a very clear indication that the community supports the police on Nevis.  I wish to say that the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) have the fullest confidence in Superindent Liburd and his men and women to work with us as we seek to minimize the incidence of crime on the island of Nevis.  We have worked very closely over the past 7 months. He has kept me very informed at all times, and indeed it appears to me that the efforts that they are making have met with a measure of success. I want to say to Superindent Liburd that the NIA will do whatever is within its powers to ensure that we [NIA] give you the support and we look forward to you for support as well as we work together in a partnership against crime”, the Premier said.

Premier Parry left Nevis again on Sunday February 10th , as part of a Federal delegation to St. Lucia where he is attending the Caricom Intersessional Heads Meeting.

According to Mr. Parry it was important that as Premier of Nevis that he attend the meeting to be brought up to date with all the issues which currently affect the Caribbean.  This would enable him to be in a better position to explain to the people of Nevis what is taking place.

The Premier is accompanied by Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Ashley Farrell and is expected to return to Nevis on Thursday.

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