Nevis’ Premier Parry Extends Olive Branch

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS ( July 17, 2006) — Premier of Nevis the Hon Joseph Parry extended the olive branch and called on all to work along with the new Nevis Reformation Party-led Nevis Island Administration (NIA), to ensure that the Nevis society remained strong and enduring and that the island’s youth inculcated the values of Nevis.Mr Parry made the call while he delivered an address at a thanksgiving service attended by other government ministers and his wife Mrs Myrthlyn Parry, Deputy Governor General His Honour Mr. Eustace John and Mrs John, Legal Advisor Mr Patrice Nisbett, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Ashley Farrell and members of the public at the Netball Complex on Sunday July 16, 2006.

“We must make sure that our society remains a strong society and enduring society and that the values of Nevis be the values of our children. We must not take as an excuse that there are new values coming from North America. We as Nevisians must establish the values on our children and make sure those good values continue in our society”.

“We call on the ministers of religion to work with us, we call on the police to work with us, we call on the teachers to work with us, we call on the community leaders to work with us, we call on all leaders and all the stake holders in this society, we call on anyone who is a politician in Nevis be he Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) or Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), to work with us to make a change in our society and especially to make sure we hold on to our children,” he said.

Notwithstanding, Mr Parry stated that his administration would be one of service to all with a hallmark of humility.

“If we are expected to lead we must demonstrate not pride not vanity but humility and so that is the hallmark of my service and I expect it will be the hallmark with the ministers of government and all who are associated with us…”.

“Our business is to serve, to serve the people of Nevis. The Premier of Nevis and the Ministers of Nevis are worth nothing if they are only doing it for their vanity and their self promotion. It must be for the people of Nevis and all the people of Nevis,” he said.

Meantime, in his Sermon, Pastor Davidson Morton called on Premier Parry to rise to the responsibility of party politics and begin to heal the nation and to look beyond because Nevis was “our land to build and everyone had an interest in the development of our country.”

Mr Morton urged Mr Parry to serve the people of Nevis well having taken up the stewardship of leadership in Nevis and called on persons to pray for the new leader since prayer could move mountains.

During the Thanksgiving Service, Premier Parry, Deputy Premier Hon Hansley Daniel and Minister of Hon Robelto Hector were anointed with oil from a ram’s horn which according to Pastor Morton was symbolic of a biblical model of coronation.

The national anthem was sung by Ms Venell Powell; Pastor Jennifer Weekes delivered a prayer while Reverend Cannon Percival delivered a prayer for the nation. The scripture was read by Pastor Eric Maynard and Pastor Salome James chaired the event.


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