Nevis Premier & Newfound Development Continue Discussions

Charlestown, Nevis
December 11, 2007

Monday afternoon Premier of Nevis, Hon Joseph Parry along with Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Ashley Farrell and Legal Advisor, Hon. Patrice Nisbett held talks with top executives of Newfound Development at the conference room of the Bath Hotel. The meeting was held to discuss the progress on the hotel development in the Pinney’s Beach area of Nevis.

Founder of New Found Development, Mr. Brian Dobbins stated that he is very happy with how discussions are going thus far. “We spent the day with the Premier and his Cabinet to get imminent conclusion of the hotel deal. Our brand is quite keen on getting started and we are ready to start development in 2008.”

Newfound Development is very interested in keeping the environment and landscape of Nevis intact and they do not want to see any damage to the islands present serene and tranquil state. “When Pinney’s beach is being restored, when the coconut trees are put back with no viruses, when the hotel is well concealed by the foliage and the environment is protected, that is the concept of what we want to create here on Nevis. A significant amount of money has been spent on designer architectures that will incorporate modern techniques from water preservation to power preservation”, says Brian Dobbins.

Originally, the hotel project completion date was set for July 2010, since talks the new date proposed will be December 2010. “I am not saying that we have comforting words for Christmas, but we have assuring words for Christmas as there will be some serious work being done for the New Year. We (Nevis Island Administration) have worked very hard and I will say we are on the same page, reading from the same hymn book and I want us to be rejoicing together next year,” says Premier Parry.

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