Nevis Premier Declares Culturama 2013 Officially Open

Nevis Premier - Vance Amory

Nevis Premier – Vance Amory

Charlestown, Nevis
July 29, 2013

“May we have a wonderful time in Queen City…and let us enjoy ourselves!” Those were the profound words of Premier of Nevis Hon. Vance Amory as he declared the 2013 Culturama Festival officially opened, at a ceremony to mark the occasion on July 25, 2013, at the Charlestown Waterfront.

Mr. Amory told hundreds of Nevisians in attendance that Culturama which was being celebrated from July 25th to August 6th under the theme “History, Culture, Music combined Culturama 39”, was an expression of their culture and they had a responsibility to welcome all who had come to celebrate with them and to ensure that the festival remained peaceful throughout.

“I want to impress on all of us that this Cultural expression is our cultural expression and it therefore means that we have a responsibility as a people of Nevis to welcome all those who come here to celebrate with us but also to show an example to them that we will also participate in the shows.

“I also want to say to us, that we have to ensure that the celebration is peaceful, that we show our best behaviour. Even as we seek to jam and wine and ‘misbehave,’ We must still do so decently and in order. So ladies and gentlemen, as we launch this Culturama 2013, I want to say to all of us, let your joy be unconfined for the next two weeks. Enjoy every single show which is being given for you and please do so in a way only Nevisians can enjoy. Welcome those from St. Kitts as well because they come and they are an important part of our celebration,” he stated.

Meantime, Mr. Amory noted that he was honoured to present this year’s patron Mr. Basil “Bam” Manners of Ramsbury, with a plaque on behalf of the Culturama Committee and the Nevis Island Administration. He said they had been friends for some time and believed that the honour was fitting.

“It is an honour for me to present this plaque to Basil “Bam” Manners. I want to let the whole of Nevis and whoever is listening know that Bam is one of my very good friends. I am trying to get him to teach me steel pan but he keeps resisting. I don’t know if he thinks I do not have the ability but this plaque is presented to him because of his sterling contribution to the development of the art of pan playing in Nevis and he has been doing this for many years.

“I take great pleasure Basil, “Bam” in giving you this plaque of the Culturama Committee and the Nevis Island Administration. May you cherish it because you do deserve it. Thank you for all you have done and may God continue to bless you,” he said.

In response Mr. Manners accepted the plaque and called on fellow Nevisians to have good, clean fun during the Culturama season.

“I am very happy to be the patron…I wish to say thanks to the Nevis Cultural Development Foundation and to the Culturama Committee for choosing me. I am begging the young men of Nevis to put down their guns and knives and let us have fun for Culturama, no stupidness, just clean fun,” he said. During the ceremony, Minister in the NIA Hon. Alexis Jeffers was also called on to present the Culturama 2013 slogan winner Ms. Nicole Liburd with a plaque.

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