Nevis Premier Claims No Water Shortage

Drilling For Water In 2009

Drilling For Water In February 2009

Charlestown, Nevis
July 16, 2012

Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry maintains that there is no shortage of water on Nevis, and has also described statements made by members of the opposition to the effect that Nevis’ water has been given away, as a blatant lie.

“I was told last night that the Hamilton well is now activated,” Premier Parry said on the July 10 edition of his radio program “In Touch with the Premier”. “The water is quite good, and they are already pumping 350 gallons per minute. The old Charlestown wells are pumping a total of 125 gallons per minute.”

The Premier observed that with this new development, it now means that there won’t be need for water from Gingerland to be used to satisfy the consumption levels in Charlestown.

“But it also means that any new project that comes around, we have water available for that project, and that is very important because we are looking at a number of projects,” noted the Premier.

He said there is a lot of water in the St. James’ area that satisfies St. James’ and St. Thomas’, and a lot of water in Gingerland, that satisfies Gingerland and St. John’s area.

According to the Premier, the island is looking pretty well, and advised that even if now and then there was a glitch, residents should understand that Nevis does not have a shortage of water.

“We are also having a Water Development Program – $30 million worth of it, starting pretty soon”, added the Premier. “A lot of work has been done already, a lot of tenders have gone out and water lines, reservoirs etc., will be built starting later this year to take water to every home on the island, to make sure that they are fully satisfied. So, those who live on the hilltops, they will be satisfied.”

The Premier, categorically dismissed as a lie, the notion that the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) had given the water to the company (BEAD ““ Bedrock Exploration & Development Technologies) that has been working hard to ensure that Nevis has a regular supply of water on a daily basis.

“And I heard somebody said, that we gave away our water to BEAD,” scoffed the Premier. “BEAD gets paid to bring the water to the people; to take the water out of the chambers where the water is, and to get it to the people for their use.”

“If BEAD didn’t do it, somebody would have to do it, and they would have to be paid as well. That is not deception, it is a lie, and I need not stress the lie there. It is a lie because the person who made the statement knows it is not true, and that is what makes it a lie.”

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