Nevis Premier Asuures Hotel Workers Of Fair Treatment

Charlestown Nevis
March 25, 2008

Premier of Nevis and Minister of Tourism  the Hon. Joseph Parry told employees of the Four Seasons Resort that the Nevis Island  Administration (NIA) under his leadership stood for hard work, honesty and decency.  The Premier made the statement on Wednesday March 19, 2008, while he delivered an address at the Four Seasons Resort Employee Award ceremony. 
He said the NIA would support the employees and gave them the assurance that the Administration was proud of their hard work.
“I do not know why but sometimes I get the impression that workers in Nevis do not realise that the government is here for you.  I have a reputation in the past when I worked with the workers and helped the workers and I maintain that reputation.  This is what we stand for, we stand for hard work, we stand for honesty, and we stand for decency. I am here to represent you, I am here to serve you, I am here to make sure that you get a fair deal.
“We stand for respect and you have to give it to the persons who are in charge.  On the other hand, we demand that the persons in charge respect you.  We demand that you be treated equally to any other worker anywhere else in the world.
“We demand that you be appreciated, that the employers of the hotel understand that you are Nevisians! you are people and you should be comfortable in your workplace and you should be treated fairly and equally,” he said.

The Premier said he was aware that some employees complained about promotion and he had held discussions to that effect with General Manager Mr. Andrew Humphries who indicated the policies which guided the process.  He also noted that he had requested of the general manager to clarify these conditions with the employees. 
Mr. Parry explained that from his discussions, he had been told in order to be considered for promotion at the Four Seasons Resort,  employees at a certain level would have to travel abroad to get exposure and experience from different styles and cultures of other Four Seasons.  Having received the required expertise, on return the employees would then be promoted to a higher level.
“If there are problems do not be afraid, I am told that the bad days are gone when if you complained you could get fired, that you should be able to express yourself freely and politely and indicate your dissatisfaction and that they’ll be addressed, if they are justified.  I want you then to be able to speak and to be able to let the employers know what your problems are.  I understand there are committees and there are meetings for that purpose.  So if you don’t understand it please raise the question.
“I was told that Mr. Humphries was brought here because he should be another John Stauss [the Resort’s first General Manager] and I hope that he is living up to the reputation of John Stauss.  If he is not doing it I challenge him to live up to the reputation of John Stauss and in this way you will not only be Five Diamond but the workers will be treated fairly and the workers will be happy,” the Premier said.
He further congratulated the outstanding employees of the month for 2007: Miss Charlene Nisbett of the Housekeeping Department for the month of January, Mrs. Barbara James, Kids for All Seasons Department won in February. Mr. Sheldon Clarke, Villa Operations – winner for the month of March, Mr. Steve Hobson of Beach and Pool in April, Miss Sherming Claxton, Stewarding ““ May, Tameka Huggins of Pool Cabana- June, Miss Deserie Hamilton for Retail ““ July, Mr. Nigel Powell, Golf Maintenance – August, Mrs. Jascintha Hewitt ““ Accounting, Mr. Jermaine Arthurton, Spa ““ October, Mr. Jose Green, Purchasing ““ November and Mr. Wilroy Webbe for Room Service.   The overall winner of the employee of the year was won by Miss Charlene Nisbett.

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