Nevis Nursery Receives Christmas Cheer

Nursery Students Greet Government Official

Nursery Students Greet Government Official

Charlestown, Nevis
December 18, 2019

Ms. Oneka Fortune, Supervisor of the Steppin’ Stone Nursery Phase 1 at Stoney Grove in Charlestown, complimented Hon. Spencer Brand, Area Representative for the Parish of St. Paul’s, for bringing Christmas cheer to the students and staff there.

Ms. Fortune, who is affectionately known to her students as “Teacher Fortune”, noted that Mr. Brand’s visit was a stimulating one.

“Mr. Minister, it is always an exciting experience for the children at Steppin’ Stone to have visitors interact with them while they are in our care. Your visit today is no different, as you see the excitement in their eyes along with their innocent smiles.

“We deeply appreciate you taking the time out to spread good cheer by delivering gifts to the children, and to also get acquainted with our care-giving team at this holiday season, especially given the fact that Steppin’ Stone Nursery is one of the very few childcare centres which provides year round service to the community,” she said.

Mr. Brand’s visit to the nursery was his first since he became a minister in the Nevis Island Administration but it was not his first as a parent, and the commended the proprietor, Mrs. Leonie Dasent, and staff for their care to the students while extending his compliments of the season.

“I am so happy to have been within Steppin’ Stone day care centre here in Stoney Grove. After a very hard year of work I thought that I would just stop in and say ‘Hi’ to the teachers and to the wonderful children here. I think that the future is right here and I just want to say how delighted I am for being here and to offer some little gifts to the children.

“I want to wish the entire staff and the parents and all the children a wonderful Christmas and certainly all the best for 2020 and beyond,” he said.

Mr. Brand noted that the institution held pleasant memories for him and this visit served as a reminder.

“It warmed my heart. I remember when my kids were here, all of my children passed through this institution, and I think that it’s an institution that continues to give wonderful care to our children on the island of Nevis and I certainly would recommend it any day.

“I just wanted to say how happy I am for being here and it certainly warmed my heart, uplift my spirit, and to see the children in their natural environment without any worry and without any care, I think that they will be good students of our island in the future. I want to thank you and continue to encourage you and all of the teachers, proprietors all the best for the season and for the New Year,” he said.

Steppin’ Stone Nursery is the brainchild of Mrs. Dasent. The Early Childcare Centre started operations in May 1990 and hopes to celebrate 30 years of service in 2020.

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